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Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of America by JCOX Hawaii April 11, 2009

The ship was fine, equal to my experience with Carnival and Celebrity.

The rooms are a little smaller and the buffet is not as clean or good.

NCL advertises that smoking is allowed in an indoor cigar bar, an outdoor bar, and on the pool decks except for dining areas and the children's pool. This is not the case. There is nowhere to smoke on the entire ship except in your room or on the very top deck, at the very back of the ship. I like to have a couple of martinis before dinner, and, of course, a cigarette.

Drinking in an open air bar is great when you are swimming or goofing off, but not when you are dressed for dinner. Sweat and wind-blown hair will really ruin your dinner.

And how about those martinis? $17.00 each. That's for two measured shots and an olive. Then they add another 15% to pay the bartender, and then tax at 7% on top of that. Then they want a tip as well. Use the mini-bar in your room. It's the same price without the glass, olive or service.

And please book your own air arrangements. We were booked on a red eye express to the islands. We arrived at 8 am and could not check into the hotel until 3 pm. That was seven miserable hours homeless and guarding our luggage. When the cruise was over, NCL booked us on a 9pm flight. We had to check out by 11 am. That was ten miserable hours more. NCL had representatives at the hotel, and while they apologized, they really couldn't do anything about it. They were just there to make sure everybody got their rooms and made their transfers.

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