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Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of America by Mary Hamilton Hawaii December 1, 2007

I read the last review regarding the Pride of America and can't believe they were on the same ship as we were.

To make a long story short, I agree with nothing he says as far as what we experienced.

This is my 3rd cruise & the 4 people in our party felt the cruise was excellent in every way.

We had no complaints and heard nothing but positive comments from everyone we talked to.

We would definitely recommend this cruise in a heartbeat!

I just read the review of someone who apparently was on the Dec 1st cruise I was on. As far as the room being dirty, no doubt you got there before they had time to clean it. The people leaving the same day we board don't have to be out of the room til 10am and being that there are over 1000 rooms, they obviously get some cleaned earlier than others. That happened with us & once they cleaned the room, it was spotless!

I'm amazed that you would be annoyed by the captain's announcements, as most people appreciated hearing his news & messages and also realize there are other passengers besides just English-speaking ones that they need to inform.

Yes, the buffet is crowded but you have 12 restaurants to choose from. We went in the theater 3 different times & never smelled a thing. We did smell something like paint in the Skyline one night because someone knocked over the antibacterial soap dispenser on a stand. It was immediately cleaned up & the smell went away in a few minutes.

Need you say more?

Yes, you need a lot bigger complaints than what you have. What you failed to mention is that we were in Hawaii during a storm & even had to leave the port in Maui one night to keep the ship from ramming against the pier. We were supposed to be there overnight so about 400 people were still gone from the ship by about 6pm when we had leave. They contacted or waited for all the passengers, putting them up in 4 star hotels, took them shopping for clothes needed, gave them food vouchers & faxed prescriptions to the hospital for delivery to the hotel. We talked to some of those people who were more than grateful for their excellent treatment!

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