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Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of America Hawaii April 8, 2006

Having read a few other reviews, we were a bit apprehensive that we may be disappointed. Thankfully, that was absolutely NOT the case. We loved it! The service was wonderful, food as well, and yes there were plenty of towels in our cabin as well as at the pool. From what we could tell, most of the complaints early must have been from start-up glitches.

Transfers to/from the ship were easy to do, only one port (Kona) requires a tender. We were in a suite which allowed us a VIP pass to the tender..basically you go to the front of the line. Below suites accomodations,you have a preset time to do this. Was everything perfect, no. Our dinner reservations were misplaced and we lost my sons shoes, but staff went out of their way to accomodate us. It isn't just the service that makes a place great, but how they handle the problems that shows their character.

Several of the shore excursions were pricey, but we comparison shopped ahead of time and booked our own. But then you have to get yourself there, either by rental car or taxi. It just depends what it is you want to do and when. If you need to pay for someone else to do the planning and the transportation arrangements etc. then it is worth the cost. We would go again in a heartbeat.

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