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Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of America Hawaii November 6, 2005

This was a "Family Group" cruise consisting of 11 Family members, celebrating the inlaws' 60th anniversary. The anniversary was nice but the cruise was a DISASTER!

First off it was the ship itself. This is supposed to be a "New" ship but it won't be new very long at this rate. As an experienced cruiser (15 cruises) we found this to be the smallest cabin of any I've ever experienced. The bathrooms are extremly tiny. The toliets continully malfunctioned almost daily. The water was turned off without warning almost daily. The A/C system has no useable in-room controls and the room was ALWAYS too warm no matter how much we complained.

The service of the cabin steward was marginal at best. He tried hard but he had TOO many rooms to clean and not enough hours in the day to do a Good job. Some rooms had coffemakers and some did not. It was always a guessing game as to if you would have coffee supplied daily or not.

Overall, the ship is VERY understaffed and overworked. The all-american crew will readily show their frustration, irritation and fatigue. The result is uniformily POOR service and attitudes.

This carries over to the food. Some of it was unedible. Only OK at best. Often it was served cold or late or incomplete. (bread without butter, coffee without cream, etc) It became a running joke among our family and other passengers about what was ALWAYS missing on the menu. The kitchen NEVER had all the items listed. Before you ordered you first asked what they DID NOT have. The "Freestyle" cruising thing sounds like a great idea but simply does not work. Too many people wanting to eat at the same time resulted in long lines and short tempers.

The entertainment was almost non-existent. No live music, only recordings. The amatuer performers also doubled as waiters and cabin stewards! No other activites at all happening on the ship during the day. Hawaii is beautiful and the excursions were great but very expensive. Bring your wallet! We love cruising and it was sad to hear several "first-time" cruisers say this would be their last. Overall this was the worst cruise I have ever had. NCL needs to make some MAJOR changes here in order to survive very long in this market.

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