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Pride of Aloha
by Michael Mackintosh
January 15, 2007

I would like to thank NCL for showing me how to have the patience to endure a truly almost unendurable cruise on the Pride of Aloah.

I would like to thank the cruise line for showing me how to accept the worst service that I have ever experienced on any of our nine cruises, (six on NCL.)

I would like to thank the cruise line for showing me how to live in the world's smallest, dirtiest and smelliest cabin on the seven seas. (This after upgrading a few categories)

Why should I think that all closet doors should be attached to there hinges?

Why should I think that every time we close the door in our cabin the light in our hallway shorts out is a dangerous problem?

I would like to thank NCL for showing me that I am expecting too much to think that the wall surrounding the sink and holding the toilet paper in our New York subway smelling head should be screwed in and not falling off the wall. Part of this malady was taken care of after three days. Six screws had been put in the head wall but not tightened down-- this was corrected after another three days. The closet wall will have to be taken care of on another cruise as it was never properly fixed.

I would like to thank NCL for trying to introduce us to the couple in the next cabin by leaving the door unlocked between the two cabins. This malady only took talking to three of the crew, the front desk, our house keeping person an engineer from the ship and an officer that I caught just in chance as he passed by our cabin to solve the issue.

I would like to apologize to NCL for thinking that the ship would be provisioned with enough food to last the cruise.

What was I thinking when, I expected that there would be avocado in an avocado, shrimp and bean appetizer. After all, we had been at sea for four days, and who in their right mind would think that in a warm climate there would be enough bananas to last the length of the cruise? I did understand running out of ketchup and imitation maple syrup --- I mean just how many of those imitation maple trees can you carry on a cruise ship.

I would like to thank NCL for once and for all for showing me that most American crewmembers simply don't want to work. At our first breakfast in the aft main dining room, the waiter brought me the wrong meal and said that he would be right back with the correct order – he never returned. Twenty minutes later, we left and joined the long lines at the breakfast buffet on Deck 11.

The only night we went to the Bistro, one of the specialty restaurants, our waiter stormed out of the restaurant, after the other couple we were with, kept trying to tell him that it did not matter if every time they ordered something other than the standard menu, it would be an extra charge. The maitre'de got another waiter for us (who was wonderful) and told us that the first waiter was having a BAD night! I told him that that was not our problem, and he agreed; but later he told us, that he was leaving the Pride of Aloha way before his contract was up because he was sick and tired of trying to work with these people.

I would like to thank NCL for way overcharging for shore excursions. It only showed us that we should have done far more homework before the cruise. The snorkel trip we booked through NCL was charged at $114.58, per person. On shore, it was offered at $48.00.for the same cruise. It was the same for every shore excursion. The Pacific Paradise Luau for $98.96 was tasteless and not a true Luau by any means; but then in all fairness, some of that bad taste might have been left in our mouths because we waited for forty minutes on a bus by the ship for the last two people going to the Luau.

We should have known better than to try the EASY FLY program. This program is offered by NCL America, which as we all know, is not directly responsible for anything that can go wrong with any shore excursions or offered programs like EASY FLY. This was a truly great sounding program. It is a service that takes your baggage from your cabin at midnight the last night of your cruise and transports it to the airport. The designated airline would then load it on to your flight home and you would never have to worry about your luggage until you picked it up at your destination. It gets better. EASY FLY, would also get your boarding pass and deliver all the paperwork to your cabin by seven PM the last night of your cruise even though your luggage might not have been picked up at that time.

What we got was a notice that my bags had been accepted by the program but not my wife's. She was going to have to take her own baggage to the airport and there were no boarding passes for either of us. This also happened to the other couple that was traveling with us. When we went to the front desk where we had handed in all the paper work for the program, we were told that is was not NCL's fault but it was the airline that rejected members of our party wishing to participate in this program. We had had our first class airline tickets since August 2006.

The desk man said that if we did not want to participate in the EASY FLY program, he would give us our money back, oh did I leave that part out. NCL was charging $19.95 for this service. The desk man told us that we were in the wrong line and we would have to step over to the next line to our left. There was no line to our left, but we stepped over to the nonexistent next line anyway. The same desk man stepped over to that position and helped us by taking our EASY FLY paper work from us and informing us that the refund would show up on our final bill. I would truly like to thank NCL for allowing me to see where Mell Brooks got his material.

Frank and I then went down to the Internet Café and logged on to the NorthWest Airlines web site, and got our boarding passes. I know that you all have heard that being a Latitude member has it's privileges. I think that fifteen minutes of free time on the computer is one of those privileges, but no, I was charged $16.20.

I think that NCL should feel very good about the fact that the crew has renamed, The Pride of Aloha the Love Boat. It seems that, as a member of the crew, who will remain unnamed, told us, shipboard romances between crew members are in full bloom all the time. These romances, as the story goes, will last for about two weeks. NCL does take some responsibility for these type of crew actions by providing a large box of free condoms in the crews quarters. Which is probably why most of the crew members looked so tired each morning. There are other activities that are going on aboard this ship that I can not mention, so I will leave that up to your imagination.

I would like to recommend to NCL that they immediately go to Alang India and pull the SS Norway off the ship wrecking beaches and leave the Pride of Aloha in it's place.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Hawaii for having the most beautiful Islands that I have ever seen. Every second spent on the Islands of Honolulu, Kauai, Hilo, Kona, and Maui were pure gold. I would recommend Hawaii to anyone- it truly is a trip of a lifetime. Just do your homework and save a bundle.

Nmnita, I know, I will hear from you, as you always stick up for the cruise lines, and someone has to. I also have photos of the closet door and the head wall. I took these knowing that you would not believe me.