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Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of Aloha Hawaii February 12, 2006

7 day cruise on this ship was fantastic! For the record, this was my first cruise. I lived in Hawaii for several years, but had not been back in 26 years. I never thought I was the "cruise type." From the moment I entered the top deck for the pre departure barbeque, I thouroughly enjoyed myself. Our cabin was one of the "lesser" ones, with no window, but I found it very cozy and functional. It was very quiet, with the air circulating very well and fresh at all times.

Our porter was a young man named Paul, from Miami, FL. He was very good at his job, and our interactions with him were very fun. The crew for the most part were very young, and all trying hard to please everyone

My worst memories of the trip were encounters with jerks(passengers) who seemed to enjoy taking out their wrath on these poor kids for things like "running out of mushrooms" at the omlete station, or clearing dishes from a table "before I was done." I even saw one couple lash out a young girl who thought they had left their cell phone behind when they left it at their table. I am sure crew training dwells extensively on dealing with people who just can't seem to leave the stress of their lives behind them. This mean behavior was exhibited by just a few people, but it was like poison to everyone around them. Thats the dark side of cruises, and human nature I guess.

Things were not perfect on this cruise by any means, but if people could just relax, and go on Hawaii time as soon as they got on board, they would find a trip like this much more memorable. High point of the cruise was narrated talk about Hawaii as we took in the incredible scenery of the Kauai coast, and observed whales alongside the ship. Low point for me was the long, slow security line after the luau, after 15 busloads of passengers disembarked.

If I had it to do again, I would skip the luau, or find a smaller one somewhere on my own, but not on the same night! This was the only line that was tough to deal with, otherwise coming and going from the ship went smoothly, and was even enjoyable. I hated to leave this ship, it was like leaving friends. We tipped our porter, and our waiters and waitresses generously, they certainly deserved it!

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