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Norwegian Cruise Line Pride of Aloha Hawaii November 21, 2004

If I had only known then what I know now. My family just returned from a 7 day cruise around the Hawaiian Islands on NCL America's Pride of Aloha. This was our 5th cruise and the second with NCL. What a huge disappointment. I read some of the other posted reviews. I only wish I had done so before booking this cruise. All of the comments about poor service, mediocre food, long waits, out of service signs and lack of attention to detail listed in previous comments all are still present on this ship and line.

Our fist clue was the guy selling us the soda pop cards. He couldn't add the sales tax on 28.00 x 4 people. The guy next to me at the bar asked for a Budweiser and was told they were out. This is before the ship left the dock on day one. Bar service was very slow. The crew was both inexperienced and few in numbers.

The menu in the dinner restaurants only changed by two entrees each day. The food in the buffet was hohum at best, and when it ran out, most of the time it was not replenished.

Evening dinner service was slow and poor except for one night.

The only saving grace was the teen program. Morgan the teen director had a great program that kept our two teenagers and about 20 others engaged throughout the cruise.

I won't bore you with the rest. While previous cruises weeks have flown by with around the clock fun, this week dragged by. I was actually ready to go home by Thursday. This was on a trip that our family had anticipated for months. The Hawaiian Islands are a great itinerary, but not on this ship.

What everyone else previously wrote is true to this day. The concept of an all American crewed and registered ship was very appealing, however they just don't have it together, nor do they appear to heed the endless and repetitive comments of their passengers. It is impossible to imagine that NCL will be able to fill one Hawaiian cruise ship once the word gets around. They plan to add additional ships to their Hawaiian fleet.

The trip pulled a premium price for a C- grade experieince. This will be our last NCL trip. I'm going back to Princess and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in the future.

Aloha and good luck in your next trip planning.

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