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by Matthew Thompson
Transatlantic Crossing
December 17, 2008

Hi Everybody!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Matt and I am from Sydney, AUSTRALIA. I'm 14 yrs old; one of the many few 'younger' passengers on board! lol.

You've probably read many other reviews of the many MSC ships, and they were probably negative I would assume.

This is my first cruise and even though it may not be of as 'High Standards' as other cruises, I still LUVED it!!

I admit that there were many problems with the cruise, but it is NOT as bad as people say it is.

I found the cruise had MANY MANY MANY old people, and I found that these old people LUVED to COMPLAIN. Hence the many negative comments.

So let's focus on things other than the food.

First, the itinerary: In 17 days on this cruise, the amount and quality of the ports were AMAZING. Let's see -- we went to the following places:

Genoa Italy
Marseille France
Barcelona Spain
Casablanca Morroco
Funchal Maderia Islands
Days at Sea
The Carribean
Fort Lauderdale-Miami USA

The itinerary was great!!

Now onto the teen program which hasn't been discussed:

When I went into the embarkation process, I swear I could NOT see a person under the age of 40.

But on the first nite I went to the disco to find 3 other teens my age. We became friendz from that point on.

Eventually teens came together and there were enough to socialise with.

The teen area was the 'DISCO', which was more of a multi-purpose room but still a good meeting point.


Now it depends on how you take it, cuz I thought it was great!!

We still got to hang out n' talk and play Uno. These are the main things you do on the ship, but it was fun anyway.

Only problem was that they kept on having BRIDGE tournaments and PRIVATE COCKTAIL PARTIES, which led us to be continaully 'Kicked Out' of the teen area.

We also went to the pool quite a bit, which was fun.

Onto other people on the ship: The ship seemed to be a bit like a retirement home and you got a lot of rude stares and insults merely because you don't have wrinkles.

Haha -- we were in the minority after all, so I guess you have to get used to it.

Now, onto the teenage passengers:

The ethnic mix of the teens were:

50% Italian
40% English Speaking
9% German
1% Other

The Italians seemed to be one BIG family. Since they didn't speak any English, we never talked to them. It was like a gang war -- lol.

The Germans could speak fairly good English, so they immediately joined us.

There was one Swiss guy, but the rest were a mix of Aussies, Brits, and Yanks (Americans).

There seemed to be more of us Auzzies then any other ethnic group on the ship. This seemed to be because it's our summer holidays while all the other Europeans and Americans onboard were skipping school instead!

All of the Americans came from Houston in Texas and throughout Florida, with 2 from Utah. This was kind of weird since there were A LOT of yanks! But they were mostly really BIG families.

Gala nites were formal nites and I swear we had at least 5 of them. We had a lot of important nites (New Years, Christmas, etc.) hence I think the ship added more formal nites. It seemed as if it was FORMAL so everyone wears a tuxedo and a nice dress. The Americans had neither so they just skipped dinner -- WTF?!?

Met some good friends from all over the world on this cruise!

I happened to have a good table which was shared with a family from Perth in Western Australia.

The guy there was the same age as me (14), so we got along and from the very first nite we went up to the disco and met many more teens.

In conclusion, MSC has a lot of problems to fix, but I still had the TIME OF MY LIFE!

What really matters is the frame of mind you have when you cruise this ship.

If you read all the negative comments and you go into the cruise with a negative attitude, then you will HATE the ship.

On the other hand, if you have an optimistic outlook and a positive attitude, you will be much more confident that you will meet new people and have a FANTASTIC time.

Would I do MSC agian?

Well, don't get me WRONG. I LUVED the cruise. But choosing another line like Princess, Carnival, or RCL may be a safer option!

Bon Voyage!