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MSC Opera
by Richard Lander
Western Caribbean
January 21, 2006

I just finished reading two reviews about the same cruise but taken one week later. I had to reread them twice I wasn't sure it was the same cruise until I recognized the ports. My experience with this cruise line was quite different and I think readers need to have some balance in making a decision to take this cruise.

Three negative areas were : the food, the staff and the rooms. Three positive areas were: the ship and the entertainment and the ports.

The food was terrible - tasteless, unimaginitive and poorly presented. It was the first cruise I have ever been on that I didn't look forward to dinner. I wandered the menu trying to find something enjoyable and nothing was appetizing. I wasn't the only person on the ship to voice this concern. One lady said she had lost weight.

The staff was uneven. We had late seating. My room steward would phone the room to see if we were in the room even though we had a do not disturb sign on the door and then hang up if we answered. One night he knocked even though we had a do not disturb sign and asked if it was alright not to make the room as it was almost 8 pm. The casino tables were closed form 6:30 to 8:30 pm so that the whole staff could have dinner. This was a first for me on a cruise ship. Our waiter was very good and helpful and kind.

The room Category six was so small that on one side you had to climb over the bed to go to the bathroom. There were no drawers in the room. The bathroom was hall closet size and I smiled thinking that some people on the ship would be squeezed.

The ship was very nice - modern sleek, lots of cozy places. The deck chairs were amazing. The ports were some of the best I have been too. The entertainment was clever -sort of Cirque du Soleil.

One clue for people thinking of taking this cruise is to ask why it is so heavily discounted.