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MSC Lirica
by Doncruiser
Southern Caribbean
April 6, 2007

Wonderful relaxing cruise. This was our 21 cruise. I am a young 60 my wife is 53. We had second seating dining. Our cabin was an inside on deck 9

I grade my cruises as follows.
A Is exceptional.
B Is good.
C Is average. I would expect my cruise to be C or better.
D Is poor.
E Is horrible.

Ship. I grade the ship a B. It was extremely clean. Laid out well. Many lounges. We never had a problem finding a seat in a lounge. Shops were very limited in size and selections. They never hardly every announce anything.

Cabin. Would be a grade of C. They were small only 140 sq ft. Bathroom was small. Cabin was extremely clean. No towel animals or chocolates. Some of the most comfortable beds we have ever had. Normal shower soap, shampoo and etc.

Food. Would be a B. But I love true ITALIAN FOOD. If you like Olive Garden food you will not like Lirica food. Pasta was extremely good. Lobster wasnt the best. Beef was good. Veal was OK. My tablemate said the fish was excellent. Ice tea was very good. Hot Chocolate was to die for; it was made with hot milk. Breakfasts were good selection. We ate almost all of our meals in the dining room. We had table 106 in the larger dining room. Buffet was lacking. Best thing on buffet was stews and fruit. Breads were true Italian hard on the outside and soft in the middle. Pizza was very good. We found out on the last few days they will make a pizza to order for you. We order two with extra cheese. They were wonderful.

Entertainment. I grade this as a B. They had variety shows. The Tenor was wonderful and the magician was also a quick-change artist and he was fast and very GOOD. The dancers were OK. We never attended any of the poolside games. Here is where the lack of announcements caused problems. They were over before we remembered them. My wife won bingo one night. We didnt go to bingo we just happened to be in the lounge where they played the game.

Service. I grade this with an A. The waiter and assistant waiter were extremely good. They never introduced themselves but they knew our likes in a matter of 2 days. Teas and bread was waiting and after the first night we never had to order hot chocolate again. Bar service is very good. We dont drink anything except cokes. We always had someone near to get us a coke but didnt have to keep saying no thank you to any offers for drinks. Our cabin steward was very good he came to introduce himself on the afternoon we board and asked if we needed anything. We saw him a few time after that and he met every need we had. By the Way there was never an added tip to my coke order. The tips are $12.00 per day. 40% goes to cabin attendants (your cabin is attended to by two people), 40% goes to wait staff and bartenders/servers and the remaining 20% goes to there managers like the headwaiter and etc.

Ports. I would grade these as A. We did Columbia, San Blas Island off of Panama, The Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Roatan Honduras and Jamaica. I loved all of the except Jamaica. Panama isnt for a prude. Topless women greeted us as we got off the ship.

Would I go on MSC again? Yes I would. I had a very relaxing cruise.

I would grade the whole cruise as a B. Have I had better food? Yes I think Royal Caribbean is slightly better. Better cabins? Yes Carnivals are larger. Better service? No MSC had the best service of all my cruises. For the money spent it was wonderful.