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MSC Divina
by Peggyala
Eastern Mediterranean
September 7, 2012

We just returned from a Yacht Club (YC) cruise on the MSC pDivina. If cruising regularly this is the only way to travel. We had a Butler who was extraordinary. His name KAMIL . This man was at our beck and call all our waking hours and with a SMILE from his heart. Now I will say the Yacht Club was not filled to capacity so he only had few guests to handle on this voyage. We requested coffee and juice at 8AM and you could set BIG BEN by his tap tap at our door everyday. A tray with HOT coffee,warmed milk,fresh squeezed OJ,rolls & buns and fresh fruit and a BIG smile.

The YC has a special pool,bar and restaurant just for YC guests.Yes this is little more pricy but alcohol drinks are free incl.wines by the is a ex of what we had one evening after having bloody Mary's all day by the pool .We sat down for dinner at 7:30 bottle water poured,followed by several glasses of Prosseco,while we thought about what to order,white wine with the App, salad and pasta course red wine with meat dish followed by after dinner drks with dessert.We did this every night U can't beat it with a stick.

We found the meals wonderful and as long as U ordered 1 from each choice at the end of dinner you were filled. Some folks complained about "coffee too strong,beef tough,portions too small" I say if you want American coffee and beef don't go to Italy -portions are small they are gourmet - people pay$$$ in the states for this type of food.This is white glove service. My only complaint about YC is U can only get the alcohol drks in the YC bars(2) and The Muse Rest. This policy prevented us from going anywhere else on the Ship (didn't want to spend more$) so we did no shopping on board I heard they had lovely shops. I may have been tempted to buy something!

When you board the Ship U get a YC key there is NO reason why one could not present that key at any Bar or Restaurant on the the Ship for the same choices given at the YC bar.THIS IS MY ONLY COMPLAINT. It was a fabulous vacation with SPECIAL thanks to KAMIL.