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MSC Divina
by Marcello Pigozzo
Eastern Mediterranean
August 11, 2012

I was totally disappointed

1. I booked an aurea suite which costs twice as a balconi room. For me and anybody else a suite is an accomodation with two different areas: a living room and a bedroom,everything else can be called a junior suite or a large room.

Msc at the beginning of their brochure shows a real suite but then l ater on changes the names and talks about corner suite.i was innocent and let my travel agency make the booking.

What i got was a room basicallly the same as a normal room but hear this i could not open the window,so for the honor of having what they call a suite i had no balcony.i feel completely deceived and i think that msc should not be allowed to do this.


2.dont try to have breakfast after 07:30 you will not find a place to seat,same applies to lunch after an excursion,or to find a sunbed when everybody is board.

3. We bought the allegrissimo premium drinks program,which in theory gives you free everything,beware we paid 42 per afdult and i think 18 per child.we were 6 adults amnd 4 children so make your calculation, surprise at the end you have to pay an additional fee per person per day for the pleasure of having bought the program.why doesnt msc charge from the beginning the total?

They give you the impression it is cheaper and then hit you.

I am sure they will be happy to hear that i will never use them,and i tell you the larger the ship the better for them but it is worst for you. I want to add that from the moment i saw the room i went to the reception to complain i asked to see a manager which i finally saw 48 hours later, she was polite but of no use,as an alternative they offered me a normal room which costs half the suite.