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Holland America Line Zuiderdam Patrick E. Robinson Panama Canal December 9, 2008

This was our second cruise on this wonderful ship. The first was April 2, 2005, and a reveiw I posted is still here. I have not changed my mind at all to differ much from the previous reveiw. HAL is still our favorite line for cruising.

Embarkation is still the classiest, fastest we have seen of all four lines we have tried.

The ship is in fine shape and kept that way, with a fine crew of maintenance people.

The ship's crew in all is friendly and helpful in every department.

The food is always excellent, and presentation and service is great.

The passengers are older than on other lines, but usually showing more class than on other lines. I do not know if people are more stressed in this time frame, but there were a few problem passengers the crew had to deal with. Please people try to act and treat all on board with more empathy for others. This is a vacation. It is for fun for all! All things can not be perfect, but your attitudes and actions can be if you try harder. And for sure guys, please wash your hands after using the bathroom. I still saw several fellows that did not wash. How discourteous and filthy is that!

Still I have to say if you have a bad time on any cruise it is your own fault. A cruise is the best vacation anyone can take for the price per day. So take a cruise for yourself and have the time of your life.

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