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Holland America Line Zuiderdam Eastern Caribbean April 2, 2005

My wife and I have been on several cruises,this was the second with HAL.Zuiderdam is a nice sized ship,smooth sailing.The staterooms and public rooms are smaller than other HAL ships.The atrium should have been left out all together,to small a space and weak appearence.

Embarkation was very smooth and short,1/2 hour from porters to onboard.The earlier you get there the better.Had lunch in the Lido.Staterooms were ready at 1:50,bags delivered by 2:45.

The ship is clean ,but after 128 voyages some wear is expected.HAL will upgrade this ship before the end of this year.

The Oddessey restaurant is so worth trying atleast one night.Some of the best beef I have had.Try the porterhouse it was fantastic.Service was the excellent.

Also the Vista Dinning room food was very good.Everything Susan and I tried was well seasoned and great.Service could not have been better Jay,Isdra and Antonio had no room for improvement in any way.

About all the vibration complaints in other reveiws.We never once noticed in any part of the ship ,anything worth whinning about.We ate lunch in the Vista on the lower deck as the ship was under full power and we felt nothing out of the ordinary.

Actually I should say that if all the passengers were as gracious,happy and kind as the crew,there would be no complaints from me.Futhermore the entire cruise the only problems were from some of the rude,overbearing,over complaining,pain in the backside fellow passengers.If you expect everything perfect you need to vacation elsewhere.After all you are on a ship in the ocean.The crew try as they may can not please people like this and shouldn`t even try.These types should stay at home and every cruise would be perfect for the rest of us!

As for excursions we never have taken one through any cruise line.Cheaper to do on your own.Just make sure to leave plenty of time to return to the ship before they set sail.

HAL passengers are on the average older than on other cruise lines.But that is not a bad thing.This cruise we didn`t take our ten year old son,so it was a very relaxing seven days.If you have a bad time on a cruise then there is a problem with you,period.

As I said before the ship was very clean,no virus

on this cruise.But guys when you use the restroom please wash your damn hands.Antibacterial wipes is always a good thing to bring with you when this many people are in one area together.

Seven days goes far to quickly by, for me!

One thing I will say is that it is too bad that Carnival owns all the "Leading Cruise Lines".This will eventually be the biggest disappointment as all this lines become more Carnivalized....yeuuccckkk!!!!!

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