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Holland America Line Zuiderdam by Bob Eastern Caribbean December 21, 2002

As in all new ships the staff/stewards needs to work out their routines. This should have been done prior to the first sailing. Perhaps a seasoned staff would have been a better approach. Most of their efforts seemed uncoordinated. For us the selection of The Zuiderdam on this their secong weekly voyage, would have been better put off until the ship had been in service for a good while, in order for all to get their act together. The lack of attentiveness and abundance of indifference was quite apparent and not at all like the other HAL ships. The lower dining room vibrated all during dinner and was a distraction to normal conversation. The Odessey dining room was another experience. Three times to get the filet mignon cooked properly and then a much smaller portion than originally ordered was provided. The Rotterdam had this one down pat.

The photo gallery was another dispaapointment. Original order was incorectly done and cancelled at my request only to find that I was re-billed for a re-do and then not notified that the redone product was available for pickup. Sounds like a recharge without delivering the goods.Read your final billing is my advice. Stay away from the (dining room) Puerto Rican version of Paella, Taco Bell can do a better job. My general impression is that on these shorter (7 day cruises) HAL is trying to (willingly or not) pattern itself after some of the things I dislike about their parent "Carnival". Now the good- The ship was quite nice with ample cabin space and good views from within.

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