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Holland America Line Volendam August 11, 2003 Alaska

I am 14 years old and this was my first cruise. I went with my grandfather, my mom, my borther and, my two cousins. The crew members couldn't have been more friendlier. They always smiled and said good morning. They would even stop to talk to you and asked you your name and where you were from and how you were enjoying the cruise. The food was awsome, along with the great survice. Down in the fancy dining room they had a whole bunch of elagent desserts and they were really good (i had choclate covered strwberried). Our room was awsome, we got upgraded to the 7th floor. I loved the belcany, at night i would go outside and look at the stars it was really beautiful. The crew members who cleaned your room were really nice and did a good job. Althogh i felt kind of bad because me being a teenager and all have a tendency to leave clothes lieing around, but the person folded them and left them on my bed which was really nice. I know that the crew works really hard so i made sure that he didn't have to do that next time.

There was plenty to do for all ages. They had 2 swimming pools, 2 hot tubs, an exercise room(which you had to be 16 to get in if you don't have an adult with you, but haha i look like i am 17 so i had no trouble getting into it), there was a movie theater, a theater(i watched a show the last night it was really good),you could also rent movies they had a huge list to choose from, they had a lot more things to do but i am probably boring you with that.

Although I only stayed on the cruise for 5 days i would say that it was awsome and I wish i could have stayed for the whole 10 days but we had to take the land tour of alaska. So i would say if you want to have an awsome vacation that you take holland America and go on the Vollendam. You and your family will have a blast.

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