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Holland America Line Volendam
Western Caribbean
November 25, 2005

Just finished cruise on Volendam. This was my fourth and shortest cruise. The ship was smaller than other ships I was on but was well laid out. It was very easy to get around on. The food in the main dining room was excellent but sevice through out the ship, I believe, was poor. If it were just me complaining, I might say I was expecting too much from this crew, but others that I talked to during and after the cruise had the same opinion. Poor service that I encountered was at the front desk having to resubmit a request for a voucher to the airport on three separate occasions before my request was filled. The seemed to have lost all my paperwork twice before again submitting it and getting a voucher.

The bar keeps and drink servers, save one, got an attitude when presented with my soda pop sticker for unlimited soft drinks. This was present on all decks and included the dining room personnel. Others I talked to had the same problem. Greetings and salutations of the ships company beeing encountered in the passageways were missing or low key. I can live with that but it seemed the crew wasn't a happy crew.

The entertainment was good and they made a great effort for the limited stage that the worked from. My room was the largest of any of the ships that I rode. I did miss a stocked refrigerator. My cabin was well cared for and I have no complaints. The ship seemed to have a vibration. I have rode US Naval ships that were much smaller and were going almost twice as fast to make that kind of vibration. At our average speed of 13 knots, we should have felt nothing at that sea state. The vibration was felt from midships-aft. I worked on ships and this felt like an out of balance, bent screw (propeller), or out of sync. screws if it had two counter rotating screws. All in all, this was not my best cruise, but like sex, none are bad but some are better than others.

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