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Holland America Line Statendam by Brian Lashchuk Transition Cruise May 8, 2003

I went on the Statendam on May 8 the three day transition cruise from San Diego to Vancouver. This was my 2nd time on the Statendam and 3rd time on Holland America.

I really enjoyed myself more this time than the last. At least this time we did not hit a barge. The Statendam is a very clean ship for it's age. Well, kept up. The crew were very friendly. Even the maintenance workers that work painting the ship were very nice and always had a big smile on there face. The Statendam was an awesome ship. There were many places to stand and hide from people. I loved how you could stand in the front of the ship as you left port and sometimes was open during the cruise. The ship had nice flowers all over the place. The ship was a nice size not to big not to small. I don't like the new big ships that the other cruise lines have now.

The Statendam had free espresso, Cafe Latte and Cappuccino many times during the day at the Java Cafe with Awesome cookies.

They had many movies to watch in the movie theater - HAL offers free popcorn and cookies.

The food was good. The Buffet was good, but needs just a few more items to pick from. The Dinning room food was a definite decline from the last time I went on her. The food was good what I got, though it seems that all their good food you use to get is going in their new pay restaurant that cost $20. You just had the basic steaks for dinner Prime Rib twice. If im going to pay $20 to eat at a restaurant I want like a hugh 50 ounce steak. You pay so much for a cruise the food should be all free. Like I said the food was good but not like it use to be. The potions of the food is starting to shrink. Holland America is not a five star cruise line anymore. I say its with princess and Royal Caribbean now.

Over all its a great ship with great hard workers, but it's not like it use to be. If you go on this ship you will have a great time. I did.

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