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Holland America Line Eurodam by FriendShip Eastern Caribbean October 22, 2011

I am an avid cruiser. I've been on 9 ships. However the experience on Holland America has ruined my desire to ever cruise again. I traveled with my elderly mom to celebrate her birthday. It was a dream vacation. Or so we hoped. When we arrived on the ship we were greeted with antibacterial spray and a notice in our cabin of a a viral infection on board and hand cleaning tips. Welcome aboard! The buffets were not open for personal selection - all food was served for the first 2 days "to avoid contamination." 4 days into the trip I became severely ill. I spent the last 3 days in my cabin and my poor mom was left to fend for herself as I was too ill to participate in the festivities. I contacted Holland America upon my return (I remained ill for 2 weeks post cruise with viral pneumonia). I informed them of my illness and how disappointed I was to be trapped on a ship that had a viral infection on board. Here's Holland America's response to me: " this case, we note that there was not a significant outbreak or warning of Gastrointestinal Symptoms...we do attempt to educate our passengers and stress the importance of hand washing to reduce influenza or gastrointestinal illness. While we do understand the personal impact from viral maladies, we are unable to confirm that you were indeed sick on board and thus are unable to issue compensation." Firstly, that's a lie - they were aware of an outbreak. The gave us a notice the first day and they closed the buffets for personal selection. Secondly, they didn't ask me for medical records to confirm that I was indeed sick. Lastly, I didn't ask them for compensation. I asked them for an explanation of why they would sail knowing a viral infection was on the ship. I lost a rare occasion to vacation with my mom and 2 additional weeks off work because Holland America put me on a ship ship and sailed with with a viral infection. The only thing worse than the severe illness I had was their response. It was insulting. I know people want to hear about all the good food and entertainment on board. I get that. But I wish someone had warned me. I want people to know what they might be getting into and hopefully spare one person from getting as sick as I did. We all work too hard and a vacation should be just that. A vacation. Holland America - if you're reading this - shame on you and your blatant denial of the situation. In a world of online sharing of information - you need to fix the issues. People are no longer in the dark about what goes on.

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