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Holland America Line Amsterdam by Bob Jackson Alaska May 9, 2009

I regret to report that Holland America continues to become less and less worthy of its high ratings. Except for the crew, which is outstanding, and the decor which is good, and the laundry service for the deluxe veranda suites, a host of little things were irritating.

The food, although plated well, is bland and meats are sometimes tough and not as warm as they should be.

Individual ship maps don't even note that there is a library or computer facility onboard, nor do the maps at each bank of elevators.

Saving money has resulted in 13 watt flourescent tubes in what are supposed to be cabin reading lights.

The TV in our suite wasn't connected and had only a single controller instead of the two needed for the TV and DVD.

The mini bar was only fully stocked two days; the other five days there were only a few items.

The telephone had no displayed way to contact housekeeping or the front desk.

Throughout the cruise the ship had a periodically annoying vibration (worse midships). The seas were very calm so the vibration wasn't weather-related.

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