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Disney Cruise Line Disney Wonder Bahamas September 2, 2001

My wife and I have been on five cruises and have just got home after being one of the worst cruises of our life. The cruise was the four day Bahamian Cruise on the Disney Wonder. Our cruise was from September 2 thru September 6.

We have sailed twice before on Disney ships, once on the Magic, and the other on the Wonder. The first time we had an inside cabin, the second time an outside cabin with a porthole. We liked the room with the porthole so much that we decided to go all out this time and get a category 6 room with the private veranda and spectacular view.

What we ended up with was room 5142 which had a "spectacular view of a steel wall". We were very upset when we got into our room. This was not the room that Disney shows on their web site as category six. The only way to see the ocean is to go out on the veranda and stand next to the steel wall. You cannot see the ocean at all from the room or sitting on the outside lounge chairs. My wife has trouble standing for prolonged lengths of time which only added to our dismay. I would like to know how Disney can classify this room as a category six! To my wife and I, putting us in that room and charging us the rate for a category six room is down right fraud!!! It is like someone buying a Mercedes Benz and being delivered a Ford Escort, and being charged the same price.

They said they didn't have but one other available room, room 5650, which we took only because it was slightly better; but it still had a "spectacular view of a steel wall". We told the people at the Services Desk that we would rather have a porthole room but none were available.

This ruined the entire cruise for us. We were so excited and looked forward to our beautiful room and then when we saw what we got, we just wanted to pack our bags and go home. There was no beautiful ocean view to see from our room or sitting on the lounge chairs; to see the ocean you had to stand and move to the end of the veranda so that you could see over the steel wall; at this point we could see right into the veranda of the cabin on our left without even trying (in other words we did NOT have a private veranda). We really feel that we were basically swindled by Disney. We plan on complaining to both the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs offices in Florida.

I have been a Disney fan ever since the first time I went to Disney World in 1973. My family has been buying Annual Disney passes for many years and we loved the first two Disney cruises we took. So it really hurt us when we got stuck with a such a crappy room. The guy at Guest Services acted like a stone wall. He basically acted like he could care less that we weren't happy with the room. We also had several things happen on the cruise that may us very dissatisfied and unhappy.

1) We switched our dining from 2nd to 1st. We were sitting with my brother and his wife at a table for four. All four of us switched to 2nd seating. They switched us alright but we ended up being put with another family of four. We were not told that we would end up sitting with other people and did not know it until they actually started to seat us with them. We actually had to fight to get this changed. We are not used to this crappy service coming from Disney, isn't Disney still concerned about providing excellent service anymore?

2) The bed in our room was made up of two mattresses which is fine except that one of the mattresses was 2 inches higher than the other one which made sleeping uncomfortable.

3) We had to go to the Guest Services desk twice to get our room changed and credit fixed. The first time they took all the information and told us they would leave a message on our phone after 6:00pm about the room and credit. We "never" heard from anyone. We had to go back and complain all over again right from the start, both about the room and the stateroom credit. It was like they took our information the first time and then threw it in the trash. Again not the type of service we are used to getting from Disney.

4) We were told that we could leave ship at 8:30am for Castaway Cay. We got to the gangway entrance just before 8:30 and proceeded to wait. At 8:40 they announced that we were clear to depart the ship. However, we had to wait another 20 minutes while they waited for crew members to show up. These were the crew members that log you off the ship as you depart. To have several hundred people standing around in tight quarters waiting and waiting for two crew members who weren't doing their job was ridiculous. It was very uncomfortable waiting there and difficult to breath with so many people in such a small space. They announced later that they were sorry for the mess up and everyone could have some free rum punch. Big deal, we don't like the rum punch anyway.

We really did have a bad time, it did NOT feel like a vacation and was definitely not worth the price.

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