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Cunard Line Queen Mary 2 Eastern Caribbean January 22, 2005

This was the WORST cruise and the ugliest ship I have been on out of 12. We did a 2 week back to back for my mom's 80th birthday. We had to change cabins and get off for customs/immigration. My mom requires a wheel chair and the staff were very slow in providing this service. I had repeatedly requested, and was billed to have the room decorated for her birthday. It did not happen. Thankfully I brought some decorations and we did it ourselves.

1.Cabins are extremely small. We had 3 people in a balcony cabin. When the loveseat was opened there was no room to open the fridge or balcony doors. The bed blocked everything and to get into it I had to climb on bed #2. Forget using the washroom at night. The closet space was very small; 3 women - 2 wks of clothing (3 formal nights a week)hangars had 4 & 5 items on them. By the end of 3 days we were ready to jump off. Each of us paid the same price, usually the 3rd person gets a reduced price - you don't have a real bed, it's a foldup love seat.

2.Deck 8 balcony cabins are FULLY obstructed by life boats. We paid extra for this ugly view!

3.The ship sailed in the Atlantic ocean not in the Caribbean Sea. Very windy, cold, rough waters. They changed the itinerary a year ago and did not advise passengers. People that booked the cruise specifically for San Juan (met and were married there, had family, friends they were going to visit were furious). We could not use the outside pool because of the cold. The inside pool was very small not enough room for passengers hiding from the brutal wind.

4.Very little in the way of activities and the entertainment was below average. Passengers were falling asleep during the shows. However the ballroom was beautiful. The band played from 10:00 to 12:00PM. Then that is it for the night unless you enjoy loud music at the disco. Even the casino closed at 12:30am or by 12:00am if we were in port the next day.

5. My mom who had turned 80 spent most of the time in her cabin. The ship was very confusing and all areas of the ship could not be reached by elevators. For seniors (majority of the passengers) it was a nightmare. They had to climb stairs, if they could not do this they were excluded. My mom was in tears many times. So much for a special birthday. It was to be her last trip but I feel guilty leaving her with such unpleasant memories that I am planning to take her back to Royal Caribbean, one of the best we've been on.

6.The staff were of no help, I explained and showed them correspondence with regard to the plans for my mother's birthday, flowers, champagne, ballons, a gift certificate, a birthday cake etc. and since it was not done for the 1st week could they do it for the 2nd. They assured me they would but did not. All our complaints fell on deaf ears. New staff did not know or care to know, the ones leaving did not care.

7. Very expensive--more than any other cruise I've been on. A glass of TAP water at the bar was $1.75US, not even bottled.

8. Only 3 channels on TV and the same shows repeat daily.

9. Photos were more money and the quality poor.

10. Same menu at breakfast. Different stations, hard to find a seat. If you reserved one you couldn't find it after you got the food.

11. Wrote Cunard a letter and they did not even apologize -- blamed our travel agent. Having been one I know they do not set the prices, they book through the cruiseline and must call in for pricing and availability which changes everyday. Agents do not make changes to the itinerary, provide the food, hire the people on board, or build the ships.

Shame on you Cunard. Our party of 5 gave you a 3 out of 10. You've lost our business forever and anyone else we can protect from making the same mistake. All marketing, big hype and no quality!!!!

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