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Cunard Line Queen Mary 2 Southern Caribbean December 6, 2004

The Cruise was simply not acceptable.

From misspelling my partners name which took several attempts to correct (remember the card is used as ship ID for boarding and needs to match the passport) to the lack of concern about an item lost in boarding, the check in process lacked what was to be expected.

Stateroom, we had a hull balcony, forget looking out your window and seeing anything but metal. The ship even took out banister out for a new coat of varnish and took 4 days to return it, You would never want to sit on the verandah it is so enclosed.

The Shower was tiny and the water temperature very unpredictable with sudden bursts of hot or very cold water. Closets way too small. We hate late dinner seating, so of course our maid knocked on our door about 30 mins before dinner to do service day after day while we were getting dressed. We asked her to come after the start of dinner but she never comprehended this and just dumped the towels everyday.

Activities, Very limited and none after 4-5PM unless you wanted to sit in a bar. Entertainment was promised as Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. They dropped this and now it is the Solid Gold Dancers talent-less and embarrassing. A few of the special acts were OK but there was nothing I would ever call really decent.

Ship, Basically a plastic museum of the way it used to be, lots of placards of the past, all it made you feel was sad they have forgotten the past except to use it to dupe you into thinking you might get a taste of it on this ship. No grand gathering place.

Food, In Brittania the choices were a bit limited and the food just acceptable. The Kings Court was a disgusting tasteless abomination. It was worse than a bad cheap Vegas buffet. I have nothing good at all to say about it.

Service, They do not know the meaning of the word. There is NONE. The Kings Court was blank stares, failure to meet any need, closing earlier than promised, managers who simply do not care. By the end of the cruise every passenger was saying the same things. I cannot say enough bad about service. One Brittania manager did her best to help us, without her I would have left the cruise early-I thanked her with a pair of Diamond & Tanzanite Earrings on the last night. The casino people were also good. The rest should be made to swim with the fishes!

There is much more I could say, none of it good. I will never cruise with them again.

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