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Costa Cruises Costa Victoria by James D'Amico Greece/Greek Isles October 9, 2006 by James D'Amico - October 9, 2006 The experience my wife and I had while vacationing onboard the Costa Victoria was the worst ever. I will break down my opionion into specific areas:

1. The Casino; A. Children gambling on the slot machines. B. Children running and playing around the casino with no adult supervision. C. A craps table with no craps dealer. D. When one roulette table was broken, the pit boss refused to open one of the other three tables. I addressed these issues to the casino manager, only to be lied to. I have been to casinos around the world and on other cruise ships, and this is the worst casino I have ever been to. I say this even though the wife and I won at least 400 euros while onboard.

2. The Food; A. The dinner every night consisted of frozen meals and what seemed to be leftovers. B. There was no 24 hour buffet. C. The food served at the breakfast and afternoon buffet was worse than anything I have eaten at an Army chow hall. The only edible food was the fresh fruit. D. Drinks that are normally available all day (water, tea, and coffee) were not, unless you were willing to pay for them.

3. The Service; A. With the exception of my waiter snd cabin steward, everyone I spoke to or asked questions acted like I was ruining their day. Overall, the cruise personnel were just rude. B. On day 2 I asked the information desk for a complaint form, and I was told to wait until I recieved my review form at the end of the cruise.

4. The Excursions; A. The ports we traveled to were nice, but we were not there long enough to do anything, wit the exception of Rhodes. All other excursions had a 6 hour maximum time off the boat. B. If you did not purchase one of the excursions tours, you were forced to wait another 1 1/2 hours before you could leave the ship. Just another way for the cruise ship to get more money out of you, seeing how most of the tours consisted of not much more than walking around whatever town you were at, with a tour guide.

5. Onboard Entertainment; A. Nonexistent. B. Hot tubs were shut down at eight p.m. C. With the exception of the circus show, the rest of the shows were a waste of time. The only things left to do were go to the fabulous onboard casino, or get drunk.

This week long cruise was supposed to be a vacation, but I could not wait for it to end. I was happy to be off the ship and not dealing with anybody from Costa Cruises. I feel as though I am entitled to a refund. if anybody has any questions or comments please feel free to email me at I will gladly explain myself in full detail.

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