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Costa Cruises Costa Victoria Greece/Greek Isles September 19, 2005

The cruise ship is very large (about 2,600 passengers, with all the amenities of a large ship. This being an inland sea (Mediterrean)the waters are very calm. Embarkment and Disembarkment were very well. The itinerary is excellent for a mid-priced cruise (we visited Bari, Italy, four greek islands (Santorini,Mykonos, Olympia and Rhodes) and Dubrovnik (Croatia). Unfortunately thats all I can say positive about the experience.....ideally this cruise would be for an italian (hetero)couple in their late 40's. Thats about all I would market this cruise for.

1. Everything on board the ship is geared to italians and things italian. Announcements on board the ship were mostly unintelligble in five languages (which is fine). However, the food was terrible. All italian, all the time, for every meal!!! You also have to pay for water, coffee, tea, etc (except for breakfast). I like pasta, just not for every meal.The midnight buffet was served with lunch buffet items - read stale for example - with NO water or drinks. They had you buy a juice cocktail for 4.75E. Too much nickle and diming!!

The entertainment lacked spontaniety being that announcements were in five languages. However the BEST show was the crew who performed for us with selected songs and dances from their countries..that was touching and the audience responded very favorably.

Shore excursions and time on land were very short. About 5 hours in each port. Bear that in mind since it is difficult to get too much done. Italian organization is an doesnt exist. On Bari, the shops close for 'siesta' from 12pm to 4pm. The ship docked at 12pm and left at 5pm-figure that one out!!

My recommendation is that Costa Cruises should not market to the American Market.

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