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Costa Cruises Costa Mediterranea Eastern Caribbean December 21, 2003

To sum this cruise up, a trip from hell. The rudest staff and management I have ever encountered. It all started with Costa booking my airline ticket. They booked me into Miami airport on the 21st at 3:20 P.M./ This for a ship that is leaving from Ft Lauderdale at 4:30. I called and said this was no good. Oh dont worry sir, there will be no problems and we will hold the boat for you. I dont think so. Oh no dont worry sir. Well guess what, I should have worried, the boat left without me and 8 other passengers on the same flight. It started a three day nightmare going through airports during orange alert. Shlepping bags. Exhaustion set in. Met up with the boat in Puerto Rico on Tuesday. Costa Management could have cared less. They offered me a two day refund. Yeah right. I have never seen a managment that has acted in a poor way such as Costa . Anyway lets get to the Ship, or shall I say Boat.

The Ship: The decor is a little bit to much. Thought I was in Vegas, except times it by ten. The room was great and comfortable. Shower a bit small. Ship in general very comfortable. Pools small. Lots of children in the pools all day, did not see many bathroom breaks, hint hint.


Food: Poor to bad. The main dining room, beautiful. The food came cold. At times food was sickning. Do not eat the meat on this boat. If you must stay with the pastas. About the only food you will find on the boat that is done right. Room service, ordered once, they never showed. The only gratis beverages coffee, when you can find a working urn, water and at times iced tea. Otherwise, be prepared to dish out $2.20 for a soft drink. Ice cream gratis, tasted like flavored ice.

Staff: Horrible and rude. The Italian crew does not talk at all. Never a hello or good day. American passengers could be in flames, they would not spit on you. The Asian staff was great. Very friendly, otherwise forget it, from the top to the bottom.

Passengers: European passengers were horrible. They were rude. Do not believe in lines. They will push you out of the way in the buffets. Just the pits.

Ports: Puerto Rico beautiful. St. Thomas OK. Private island, water nice, beach horrible and crowded. Dominican Republic, the pits. Nassau, nice, but to short.

Entertainment: The only good show was the passenger talent night on Saturday. Otherwise forget it. I would stay away from this ship. A total disaster from me. I did not enjoy it at all. disorganized, rude staff, horrible food.

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