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Costa Cruises Costa Mediterranea Western Caribbean December 14, 2003

Next to the worst cruise. I had to page a Costa rep at Miami airport and show the upgrade slip becuse we were not issued transfer vouchers. Seems that they only rely on vouchers and haven't upgraded their computer system to have print-outs.

We were upgraded to a suite #7200 but our tickets still had the old cabin # 8188 which caused mass confusion. At check-in I had to show the upgrade slip dated 7/2/03 but the agent still did not believe us. We were given a #(11) and told to wait with the other passengers even though suites were supposed to have a seperate waiting area. Suites and group #1 were called at the same time, again mass confusion. Other groups numbers rushed to gate. So much for priority embarcation.

Cabin was lovely-beautiful balcony, lovely bath with a whirlpool that you needed a stepladder to get in an out of.

Weather was windy and chilly. Key West was great even though it was cool it was great site-seeing weather. Port of Progresso was closed due to high winds and rough seas. Lots of sea-sickness due to the ship sailing past 24 knots. Cozumel was cold-about 60 with a 30+ mile per hour wind, and Grand Cayman was a tendering port-again very rough seas and high winds.

Food-not worth mentioning. The Club Medussa is well worth the $20 per person charge-ours was included in the suite. The Versace china is well worth the price of the dinner alone.

THe "cold canapes" were dime-sized pieces of stale bread with an unknown substance on them. Only saw the "butler" the 2 times we dined in the cabin for breakfast. Cabin stewardess was exceptional. The ship decor is over the top reminiscent of "The Birdcage," and the dance theme is well played throughout the ship. Beautiful sculptures and paintings are ship-wide as is exquisite Murano glass pieces. The chandiliers are breathtaking.

Entertainment-well, it's there. The BEST show was the passenger talent show/toga party on Saturday night-hilarious!

Disembarcation was awful-even though we had the suite, we were treated as the other passengers were-like cattle. We sat in a room with about 400 passengers and finally got off the ship at 9:30am.

Don't pay for a suite-it's not worth anything since the service is the same poor quality as a regular cabin.

Customer service is non-existant. Tendering-if you don't have a trip booked, don't bother getting off the ship. With 2000+ passengers, it takes forever to get everyone off.

Life boat drill-total waste of time. Passengers were talking the entire time and the couple next to us thought it was funny-he wanted to get into the lifeboat because "I paid for it." I said that if he got into the lifeboat, you better wish you were still on board. Went over his head.

Disabled and elderly passengers are treated like cattle-no exceptions are made for them nor for families with young(under age 5) children for either getting on or off the ship.

We had wonderful tablemates and a fantastic waitress-Milos from the Phillipines-which more than made up for the rest of the trip.

Some of the passengers said the decor was "gaudy" and some of it is; however, just the artwork and lighting in various spots around the ship are magificent. Spotlessly clean!

Overall opinion-on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I rate this as a 2. One gets what one pays for-this was not worth it.

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