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Costa Cruises Costa Mediterranea Bahamas November 21, 2003

My friend,Barbara, and I have each cruised many times and we were both terribly disappointed on this two night trip to Freeport. The trouble getting on the ship was not entirely Costa 's fault as there was a problem in Miami and all the ships at that port were diverted to Ft. Lauderdale. However, we took the bus from Ft. Myers at 8:00 a.m. and arrived at the cruise terminal at 10:30. We had been advised beforehand that we would not be embarking until after 3:00. We had the foresight to bring snacks. We were given a card with a red number one on it. We did get on the ship by 3:30. However,there was no parking available later in the afternoon and some people that came later left and went home because they couldn't park and saw the huge lines outside. My daughter and her friend, a first time cruiser, had to go to the airport parking lot and take a bus back to the ship.

They stood in line and finally got on the ship at 5:30. They had not eaten since breakfast they too, almost gave up and went home.They were on board just in time for the life jacket drill. They were late for the first seating and treated rudely. The service on this ship was terrible. I tried room service. No answer. My friend called at a different time, left an order and an hour an a half later cancelled it and went to bed. The mattress was uncomfortable and squeaked. At dinner the first night my vegetables never arrived nor did my friend's baked potato. Who decided that the best place to have a midnight "buffet" was the crowded casino? Steam trays were lined up alongside plates as lounge chairs were pushed back. People were trying to get through the mass confusion to leave the casino with their food. This was the poorest excuse for a midnight buffet and the poorest place to have one.

The stateroom was nice and well done. The food in the dining room was good....if you got it. Barbara and I talked to at least 40 people and asked them how they liked the cruise and not one felt any differently than we did. I asked them if they had talked to anyone that liked the ship and the service and they all said they had not. The decor is a matter of taste. Some of us feel it is ostentatious while others liked it. The money seemed to be put into the decor for show while the practical but necessary things were left wanting i.e. no shampoo or lotion in the bathrooms, no room service or comfortable beds. I will only sail on the tried and true lines like the Princess, NCL and RCI.

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