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Costa Cruises Costa Mediterranea Western Caribbean March 7, 2004

This was my 26th cruise and my first aboard a Costa ship, having cruises with RCCI, Norwegian, Princess, Celebrity and a few other smaller lines previously. I had read several reviews after booking this cruise and was quite concerned after reading very poor reviews about this ship. I appoligized profusely to my travel companions before boarding the ship as RCCI was my first choice but was unavailable at line of booking. I was not happy right off the bat!

Costa was fabulous! I can't believe how wrong my concerns could have been.

The Cost Mediterranea is beautiful. Upon boarding the ship, my first reaction was "it's so gaudy", but after a little thought, being of Italian heritage, I realized, it's Italian! One would have to understand that and then appreciate that.

Check in and boarding was the shortest and smoothest of any ship I've ever boarded even having boarded an RCCI ship as a frequent cruiser. We were checked in and boarded in less than 30 minutes after arriving at the pier at 130p, thirty minutes after boarding began. We were all shown to our rooms by a very friendly, warm staff member.

The balcony rooms were quite large and very comfortably decorated. After finding our rooms and heading out to explore this beautiful ship, my first encounter was with an officer we passed in the hall who greeted us with a smile and a warm "bon giorno". This was not what I expected based on the poor reviews I read.

Dinner in the dining room I found to be fabulous, virgin olive oil on the table as well as all the italian favorites i've grown up with. What a wonderful Italian touch. The food was great every night though I might stay away from the pork, it tended to be quite dry. All other dishes were equal to or above the quality of other cruise ships. The dining room staff was exceptional, at times not giving me a menu yet serving me what I would have chosen and the way I would have ordered it. When a waiter learns your likings that well, he deserves credit. He got it!

The bar staff was attentive no matter where you went. They all smiled, remembered your name as well as your likings. A special thanks to Octavian and Artauro who both went above and beyond.

I can't really comment on the ports of call as I been to the Western Caribbean many times before. Progresso could have been skipped though.

I did miss a few things like the sailing away party with the Caribbean band on deck as well as the Caribbean music on deck every day. I could deal with that though. I understood the differences in lifestyles and accepted them.

My cruise aboard the Costa Mediterranea was wonderful! I am booking another cruise this November with a small group and will definately try to book Costa. I will choose Costa over RCCI, my usual cruiseline of choice. I loved Costa! Perhaps you ahve to be of Italian heritage to appreciate the beauty of a Costa cruise.

Thumbs up Costa, you did good by me.

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