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Costa Cruises Costa Europa by m armstrong Jewels of the Indian Ocean February 14, 2009

I took a cruise called Jewels of the Indian Ocean. We were two happy Brits that set sail on the cruise of a lifetime -- or not.

This ship has seen better days. One of the engines packed it in at the end of the first week, so we had to travel at half speed missing out on some island stops.

Information regarding the problems was unavailable. Meetings onboard between all of the passengers took place, and lawyers wrote up letters for the Captain to pass onto Costa's head office.

Three hundred Englishmen came to the meetings to speak about the problems they were having. Italians, French and Germans held meetings as well. It sounds pretty bad, does it not? It was rubbish!

So, 1400 passengers were holding meetings and the captain was verbally abused by the passengers.

Beer was 4.5 Euros for a small can and 9 Euros for a a pint. The bars were empty every night.

Shows were poor. Food was better in the daytime than at night.

The officers were aloof -- snobs actually.

Housekeeping bar service was very good. I had two pints a day. I was okay.

On the last day you have to vacate your stateroom at 4:00 a.m. What a nightmare!

The lifeboats looked a bit dented and somewhat old.

I would not cruise with Costa again even if they gave me the sailing for free. We and many others have asked for a full refund.

We have done some 20 cruises before this one, but we never even received a phone call. The local radio and the newspapers at the next port stop were invited to come and see what was going on.

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