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Costa Cruises Costa Concordia by EWF Eastern Mediterranean January 15, 2008

The whole Concordia experience left us wishing that we had chosen a different liner. There was mildew in the shower that remained there for the entire cruise despite requests for it to be removed. Food was bland and not even Italian dishes seemed to please the Italians onboard. Service in the main Roma Dining Room was slow and only slightly better in the Milano Dining Room. The staff demanded the right of way and forced passengers to step aside. There seemed to be a lack of leadership and discipline among the crew members who treated the liner as their personal vacation home and passengers as an unnecessary encumbrance.

A visit to the Information Desk was an experience not to be repeated too often. One guest in my hearing was rudely informed that if she had not read the daily brochure it was not the responsibilty of the Information Desk to help her with the same information the brochure provided. If you were lucky you got someone who was civil and handled the request, but often the staff were most unhelpful.

Apart from one or two entertainers, the shows were mediocre.

The organization left much to be desired -- the tours were rushed to enable the guide to get to the shopping where no doubt they received a commission. Many of the coaches were dirty and unwashed. We sat by a window that was so stained that we had difficulty seeing anything beyond it.

The best meal we had was not on the liner. I would not recommend Concordia.

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