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Costa Cruises Costa Atlantica by Joe G. Western Caribbean February 10, 2004

We sailed on the Atlantica last year and I finally calmed down enough to write a review. This was our 14th cruise and defintely the one and only time sailing with Costa.

The service and food quality were by far the worst I have ever experienced on any ship I have been on. We had a Grand suite which was nicely appointed but the air conditioning never worked properly even after repeatedly having repairmen attempt to service it. Not good in the Caribbean.

The food in the main dining room was mediocre at best. Even more disappointing was the "gourmet restaurant" The food was so bad there that after trying to eat the food, we just gave up and went back to the main dining room and had dinner there. At least the maitre'd refunded our extra charge after complaining about the inedible food and poor service.

Shore excursions were equally as bad. If you were a European guest you had special buses that were comfortable and air conditioned. Americans had old school buses that the windows barely opened. Europeans had large catamarans with a bar music nd translators. Americans had open boats with crew members constantly looking for a tip.

Entertainment on board was so amateurish it was not worth watching.

The worst thing happened while laying on the pool deck,when small oily particles started falling on the passengers. Garbage was being burned and the exhaust stack was ejecting the residue on to the passengers ruining clothing. When complaints were made the indifference by the crew almost led to a riot. Security had to be called to prevent passengers from getting violent. The cruise line never offered to make ammends to anyone.

Bottom line - if you are european and especially Italian you might enjoy this ship except for the food. If you are American you are a lower class citizen on this ship. Costa should have spent less on garishly decorating the ship and more on training crew in better customer relations.

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