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by Jeff & Patti Maskall
July 21, 2001

This was my 18th cruise, my wife Patti's 6th cruise, and the third cruise for our sons Kevin and Ryan, ages 6 and 4 . This was our first cruise with Celebrity. We have cruised mostly on Carnival, but have also cruised on Norwegian, Premier, and Cunard. We were anxious to see if Celebrity could "exceed" our expectations.

With the exception of a short cruise on the Rembrandt last year, my last ten or so cruises have been on the megaliners, 70,000 tons and above, so I was looking forward to sailing on a smaller ship again, if you consider the Zenith, at 46,811 tons small. It would be fun to compare this ship, built nearly ten years ago, to the newer ships of today.

Also on this cruise with us, were my cruise brother Lou, and a mutual friend Dick. With the exception of Lou, none of us had ever been to Bermuda before, and for Dick, this would be his first cruise. So, time for our version of the Bermuda adventure to begin!!!

Embarkation and Sail away

We all live in central New Jersey, about a 45 minute ride from the piers. We have always in the past, driven in and parked at the piers, which are safe, secure, and still cost $18.00 / day, but this time, since there were 6 of us with luggage, we decided to splurge and rent a limo van to take us and pick us up. Although the documents say boarding begins at 2 p.m., We knew that Celebrity starts boarding much earlier. We arrived at Pier 88 shortly before 11 am, and after handing our checked luggage over to the stevedores, proceeded to the check-in area to wait. We were one of the first ones there. Shortly before 11:30, check-in began, and in a matter of minutes, we were on board. Very painless. You board onto deck 5, into the two-deck high reception area containing the Shore Excursion desk, Guest Relations desk, and Bank. No eleven-deck atrium with glass elevators here. Since you can't occupy your cabin until 1 p.m., there was time for a little exploring and cocktails at the Marina Bar by the pools, before we hit the Windsurf Cafe for the embarkation lunch. After lunch, we went to the Celebrity Show Lounge to see the Restaurant Manager to fix our dining arrangements. Seems that Lou and Dick were not seated with us for dinner, but this was taken care of very quickly, and we were off to check out our cabin. We had an outside cabin # 4099 on Florida deck, and Lou and Dick were just down the hall in # 4077. The cabin was a little smaller than we were used to, but it had loads of storage space. There was also plenty of room under the beds to stash the suitcases. There were two upper berths for the boys, so there would be no fighting for the top bunk. The four of us were quite comfortable, but I would think that four adults would be a bit cramped. My only complaint about the cabin would be that the television was placed on the desk, taking up valuable counter space and blocking the electrical outlet, as opposed to being mounted on the wall. We met our room steward, whose name I can neither pronounce or spell, but he provided impeccable service for the entire week.

At 4 p.m. the muster drill was held, and thanks to the cooperation of the passengers, was done in an organized and timely fashion. The Zenith backed away from the pier at exactly 4:30 p.m. and turned south down the Hudson River. New York is my favorite port to sail away from. There is so much history and sights to see there. As we sailed down the Hudson towards the New York harbor, cruise director John Howell gave a running commentary on the sights as we passed them. I almost felt like I was cruising on the Circle Line. I would have preferred to listen to the Caribbean band, but I'm sure most people enjoyed John's description of the sights. One thing that I had never seen before, was a fireboat escorting us through the harbor while shooting streams of red, white, and blue water into the air. I had thought this was reserved only for maiden arrivals. It was quite a sight to see. We stayed on deck until we sailed under the Verrazano bridge, and out to sea. We were on our way to Bermuda!!!

The Zenith

Every time I entered a public room for the first time, my first thought was how small it seems to be. Must have been my megaliner mentality, because as I found out during the week, the rooms were more than large enough to accommodate the amount of passengers on board, which I was told was a full ship. We never encountered any lines or crowds anywhere. Even around the pools on sea days, a lounge chair was easy to come by.

I'll give you the quick nickel tour of the ship. The public areas are found on decks 7,8,11,and 12.Beginning forward on deck 7 is the lower level of the Celebrity Show Lounge. Heading aft you'll find the Martini Bar, the Photo Gallery, the Art Gallery, the duty free liquor store, and the Rendezvous Lounge, which was very popular before dinner. Continuing aft, you'll find the Caravelle Restaurant which is the main dining room. Forward on deck 8 is the balcony level of the Celebrity Show Lounge. Heading aft along the Galleria, which I guess you could call an enclosed promenade, you'll first encounter a small video arcade, and then the Mayfair Casino. My megaship mentality again told me that with only half a dozen blackjack tables, a couple of roulette tables, a couple of stud poker tables, and one craps table, that this casino was small. On top of that there were only about 100 slot machines, ranging from nickels to five dollars. Well it turns out that the casino is plenty big enough. Most of the time, there wasn't any problem getting to the game of your choice. The only thing that irked me, was that by 2 a.m., they were literally throwing you out, even if there were fifty people wanting to continue gambling. If the posted hours were 10:00 a.m. until ???, why would you be closing when many people still wanted to gamble, especially since the casino is open only four nights!! Continuing aft you'll next come to the Cova Cafe. This was our favorite lounge, and I believe we were there to closing almost every evening. Victoria, the barmaid was outstanding. We had many laughs here. Next is Patti's favorite area, the shops, and all the way aft is the Rainbow Room, which is the disco. Up to deck 11 forward, and the prettiest lounge on the ship, the Fleet Bar. Patti and I had pre- dinner cocktails here several times. Check out the models of the Meridian and Horizon in the glass cases.

Heading aft you'll find the Marina Bar, the pools, and bandstand. The pools are saltwater and are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The larger pool is nearly six feet deep, and the smaller one about four and a half feet deep. There are no children's wading pools. Continuing aft you'll next find the Windsurf Cafe, Windsurf Bar, and the Grill. There is outside seating with umbrellas, both forward and aft of the Windsurf Cafe, which is where the buffet breakfast and lunch are served. (More on that in the next section) Deck 12 is basically the walking / jogging track, but aft you will find the Aqua Spa, Beauty Salon, Gym, and Sauna. The whirlpools are located all the way aft, and are also open from 8 am to 8 p.m. Other public areas which may be of importance to you, are the Medical facility, which is located on deck 3, and the Children's playroom, which is located on deck 5 aft.

Food, Food, and more Food!!!

We had all heard how fantastic the food was on Celebrity ships and we were not disappointed, especially when it came to dinner. However, the rating of food on any cruise line or ship is very subjective, so please don't take my opinions as gospel.

With the exception of the last morning, we ate all our breakfasts at the Windsurf Cafe. The buffet lines were never crowded and moved quickly. Anything you could possibly want for breakfast was there, including a station for made-to-order eggs and omelets. The food was good, but it is buffet food so it's nothing special. The thing that impressed me the most, was how hot they kept the items in the trays. My experience on other lines was lukewarm eggs and cold home fries, but Celebrity keeps the heat up. Bravo!! I also thought that the coffee served was very good. White-gloved service staff was on hand to carry your tray if you needed help. Kevin had a ball with that, and the staff was just as eager to help him. Another Bravo!!! Breakfast was served here from 7:30 - 10:00 a.m., with a light breakfast for the late risers served from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Again, we ate all our lunches at the Windsurf Cafe, or the adjoining Grill. The food was very good, with a lot of variety. There was also a carving station serving beef, ham, or turkey. In back, at The Grill, you could get burgers, hot dogs, fries, BBQ chicken, and Ribs. All was good, hot, and fresh. Lunch was available from Noon - 2 p.m. Pizza is served at the Windsurf from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m. and again from 10:00 - 1:00 a.m. I thought the pizza on a scale of 1-10 was a 5, and they offered only a few varieties. Also the frozen yogurt, which was only offered between 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. was awful. Carnival has it hands down over Celebrity as far as pizza, yogurt, and ice cream are concerned!!

Ahhh, the dinners!! This is where Celebrity is supposed to shine and shine they did!! Now the fact that Executive Chef Michel Roux and all the top Celebrity brass joined the ship in Bermuda on their inspection rounds might have had something to do with it, but it was as perfect as it gets. It was almost comical to watch the multitude of service staff fawning all over them at the Captain's table during the Gala Farewell Dinner. I am primarily a beef and seafood lover, and I was never disappointed. The beef always came prepared exactly how I ordered it. Patti ate mostly seafood, and enjoyed them all. The presentation was the best I had ever seen. It was truly a feast for the eyes as well. Our waiter Joseph, and busboy Danny, were fabulous. Our boys only ate in the dining room the first night, but they kept asking us how the boys were doing, and Danny made sure he had the chocolate milk ready just in case they showed up. The desserts were also fabulous, with a half dozen varieties offered each night. Joseph would bring extra desserts to our table to sample in addition to what we ordered. I can only hope that the dining experience that we had this week was the norm, but nevertheless, Bravo Celebrity!!!!

For those that didn't want to eat in the dining room, there was casual alternative dining in the Windsurf Cafe each evening from 6:30 - 8:30 by reservation only. We walked through there several evenings, and it didn't look too busy.

We had the occasion to order from room service several times, and each time the order was delivered within 10-15 minutes. If you order during dining hours, you can order directly off the dining room menu.

Another Bravo for Celebrity!!!


There were three production shows presented during the week. The first one, entitled "Nightclub Nightlife" was presented on the first formal night on Sunday. The second was entitled "Broadway Lights", and was presented on the second formal night on Thursday. The following night, "The World goes Round" was presented. Though Patti and I chose not to attend these shows, Lou and Dick did, and Lou told me that though the shows were good, they weren't as good as Carnival's production shows.

I had heard that overall, the entertainment on the Bermuda cruises was not quite up to par. I thought that the entertainers on board for the most part, were just fine. I'll give you some of my opinions on some of the entertainers, but keep in mind that these kinds of opinions are also very subjective. We had a great time with Lucian, the Polish piano player, late in the evenings in the Cova Cafe. He didn't have a great voice, but had a great personality, and kept us in stitches. When he took his breaks, he would say it was "tea" time, but it wasn't "tea" he was drinking!! The String Duo played wonderfully in the various lounges during the cocktail hours, but if either of them would ever smile, I think their faces would crack!! The Holiday Duo played dancing and listening music each evening in the Fleet Bar, and were pretty good. The Caribbean Party band, "Karisma" was very good. They played by the pool each day, and in the disco each night. They also played at the two deck parties, Monday and Wednesday nights, which sadly, had to end at midnight, because Bermuda law doesn't permit music on the open decks after that hour.

Cruise Director John Howell and his staff also did all the usual pool games, trivia quizzes, game shows, bingo, etc. that you find on most every cruise. Just a word to the wise, that if you plan to participate in these activities, keep an eye on the time, since announcements over the PA are almost non-existent. This I feel is a good thing, but I'm sure it hurts the participation in these events, since, who likes to keep track of time when you're cruising!!!

Zenith's Youth Program

Because we did bring our two young sons along with us, I thought it would be a good idea to include a section on the Zenith's Youth Program. The children are divided into four age groups. The youngest are the Shipmates, ages 3-6. Please note that the children must be completely toilet trained and diaper/pull-up free. The next group is the Cadets, ages 7-9, followed by Ensigns, ages 10-12, and finally the Admiral T's and Teens, ages 13-17. Shipmates and Cadets must be signed in and out when they are dropped off and picked up from the program, while the others can go in and out of the program as they please. The children's playroom is located aft on Deck 5, and is the size of two standard outside cabins. It's not very big at all, so the activities for the different groups are spread out throughout the lounges on the ship, though most of the Shipmate activities are in the playroom. Our son Ryan was a Shipmate, and Kevin was a Cadet. (Even though Kevin is only 6 we put him in the older group because we knew he'd be more comfortable there) They couldn't wait to go there in the morning, and we literally had to drag them out of there at night. I guess you can consider that a testimonial in favor of Celebrity's Children's program!!

The morning sessions began at 9 a.m. on sea days, 8 a.m. in port, and finished at noon. Afternoon sessions were from 2-5 p.m., and the evening sessions, with the exception of the two formal nights, was 7:30 -10 p.m. Evening sessions on the formal nights were from 6-10 p.m. On port days, there was an activity between noon and 2 p.m. called the Afternoon Party for ages 3-12 which cost $6./hr per child. This was used to bridge the gap between the morning and afternoon sessions, so if you were off the ship without your children, you didn't have to worry about being back on board at noon to pick them up. Each evening between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., they offered the Slumber Party for ages 3-12, at a cost of $6/hr. per child. The Slumber Party on the formal nights was free!! Another Bravo for Celebrity!!

Once you've registered for the program, you'll receive an activities sheet for your age group in your cabin the night before, along with the Zenith Daily, which is the daily newsletter. There are more than enough activities to keep any child happy, and the week concludes with a talent show and a production play. Great stuff!! I would say the Youth Program on the Zenith, was comparable to Camp Carnival, however the Children's room was small and inadequate. The Youth Counselors do a superb job, given the limited facilities they have to work with. Though it's never mentioned or written in the guidelines, it is proper to tip the Youth Counselors at the end of the cruise. Many people do not, and it's a shame because they certainly have earned something extra. Just use your discretion.

Monday - Hamilton, Bermuda

We made sure we were up early so we could see the Zenith sail into Hamilton. As we stepped outside, we were hit with a blast of hot air. It was brutally hot, and it was only 8 a.m. I had expected the temperatures to be in the mid 80's with cooling trade winds. What we got were temperatures in the mid to high 90's with humidity to match, and nary a breeze. It remained this way for our entire stay in Bermuda. As we sailed past the Royal Naval Dockyard and into the Great Sound, we realized immediately how beautiful Bermuda was. Patti was snapping away with her camera, and I was preparing to shoot some video, when the dreaded dew indicator light came on. Drat!! (not my actual words!!) I hadn't taken the proper precautions! As I found out many times over the next few days, no matter what I did, whatever trick I tried, I couldn't prevent the dew light from coming on, due to the extreme temperature difference between the ship and the outside. As a result, I missed a few magical video moments, but once outside it would only take ten minutes or so, and the camera would be ready to tape. Very annoying! We docked in Hamilton at 9 am, just mere steps from Front Street. We had arrived!

It had been decided that we, including Lou and Dick, would go to Horseshoe Bay today, since only the Horizon and Zenith had arrived today. We knew that when the other three ships arrived tomorrow, it would be more crowded. We had purchased our Bus and Ferry passes at the Guest Relations desk in advance. The cost was $23 for adults, $11 for children 3-16, and free for children under 3. What we didn't know was that in order to catch a bus, you had a two block uphill walk to the bus terminal on Church Street. Tip: You can save some steps by cutting through the Walker Arcade to Reid Street, then the Washington Mall to Church Street. The # 7 bus is the one to take to all the South side beaches, including Elbow Beach, Warwick Bay, Stonehole Bay, and Horseshoe Bay. When we arrived at the terminal, a bus was already loading to the point of standing room, so we decided to wait for the next one, since they run every fifteen minutes during the day. As you board, if you're not sure exactly where you're going, just mention to the driver where you're headed, and they will remember to stop there. On our bus, half the people were heading for Horseshoe Bay. The buses are comfortable and air conditioned, and after about a half an hour ride, we were deposited at the entrance to Horseshoe Bay. The kicker is, now you have to make a ten minute downhill hike to the beach, but it is worth it. What a wonderful and pretty beach! There are bathrooms, showers (although the water was COLD!), changing rooms, a snack bar, an ice cream stand, and a place to rent beach umbrellas, chairs, etc. We spent the next four hours sunning, swimming, snorkeling, exploring the nearby coves, and climbing the rock formations. The boys really enjoyed themselves. We bumped into Patti's brother Gary and his family, who were staying right next door at the Southampton Princess for the week. We made arrangements to spend the next day with them. It was with great reluctance that we had to leave. We decided that we would go over to the Swizzle Inn today, even though that it's located all the way over near St. George. We were NOT going to make that ten minute uphill climb back to the bus stop, but were going to take a taxi, which were readily available, instead. Tip: there is a shuttle that runs from the beach to the bus stop. Cost is $1 for adults, children are free. Shortly after we left, the boys started nodding off, so Patti said she would take the boys back to the ship for a nap. The cost for the cab back to the ship was $17. All the cabs are metered, and for the most part will not use their air conditioners, since gas costs $5.50 a gallon. Once moving though, I was comfortable. I believe that if you have a group splitting the cab fare, that is the way to go. The walking to the bus stops and the waiting, especially in the brutal heat, can get old rather quickly. But if you're on your own, cabs can be expensive.

Lou, Dick, and I stayed in the cab after dropping Patti and the boys at the Zenith, and headed over to the Swizzle Inn, where for the next few hours, we sampled their world famous Rum Swizzles and Dark and Stormies. They also serve good food here, and you can play the video gambling machines. We saw one lucky winner walk out with $500. Don't forget to visit the Swagger Out gift shop before leaving. Since the bus stops are right out in front, we decided to utilize our bus passes and head back to Hamilton that way. The # 10 and # 11 buses run right past the Swizzle Inn on their journeys from St. George to Hamilton. When we arrived back in Hamilton, we had to make that two block walk again back to the ship, but at least it was downhill!!

After dinner, Patti and I decided to take a walking tour along Front Street to scout out some of the shops, and to see the Zenith all lit up from a distance. But after a half an hour or so, we went back to the ship. It was just too hot, even at night!

Tuesday - Hamilton, Bermuda

When we woke up this morning, we looked out our cabin window to see the Horizon, coming in to join us here in Hamilton. What a pretty sight. Since we weren't going to see her brother until the afternoon, the boys went to the Children's Playroom, Patti went to explore and shop on Front Street, and I went to chill out by the pool. Lou and Dick struck out on their own to do a little shopping and try to find that elusive bottle of Coor's Light, since they only serve cans on the Zenith.

After lunch, we jumped on the #8 bus and headed over to the Southampton Princess. What a beautiful hotel. We spent a wonderful afternoon there lounging in and around the pool, drinking some more Dark and Stormies, and looking at the beautiful views of the ocean and the Great Sound. We had a great visit, then Gary told us that they would be joining us tonight on "Don't Stop the Carnival" at Hawkins Island. We had heard that this was not to be missed, so we booked ours through the ship, and Gary booked his through the hotel. We grabbed a cab back to the ship to rest up for the evening's festivities.

The boat to Hawkins island departs from Albouy's Point in Hamilton, which is just in front of the Zenith's bow, where she docks in Hamilton. Our whole gang was aboard, including the boys. During the scenic half- hour cruise to the island, unlimited rum punches and soft drinks are served. Upon arrival to the island, you're greeted by drummers and dancers, who lead you up the path to the tables. For the next three hours it's party, party, party, with an open bar, a great buffet dinner, live music, dancing, and an unforgettable Carnival Party show. It ends with a long winding conga line, as you plead "don't stop the carnival". Great fun! The cruise back to Hamilton under the stars is simply beautiful. This was definitely a "do not miss" event!! Once back, we bid goodbye to Gary and his family, and boarded the Zenith. We wouldn't have any problem sleeping tonight.

Wednesday - St. George, Bermuda

Today was moving day. The Zenith left Hamilton at 6 am for the three-hour cruise over to St. George. Patti was up taking photos as we sailed through the Great Sound, then past the Dockyard where the Nordic Empress was berthed. She returned to the cabin and I went up on deck to watch us sail through the Town Cut and into St. George's harbor. Simply beautiful! The Norwegian Majesty was docked at Ordinance Island, just across the bridge from King's square. The Zenith docks at Penno's Wharf, which is about a five minute walk to the shops and the King's square. Since it was brutally hot again today, we decided to wait until later in the afternoon to go to Tobacco Bay. The boys went gleefully to the Children's playroom, I went to hang out by the pool, and Patti went ashore to explore the quaint town of St. George and do a little shopping. After a leisurely late lunch, we got our stuff together for our trip to Tobacco Bay. As we prepared to leave the ship, the skies became black and ominous. Fearing that we would be caught in a downpour, we decided to stay on board. Kevin caught up with his new friends to participate in the pool Olympics, while the rest of us just hung around the pool, listening to Karisma, and having a few cocktails for the balance of the afternoon. Though the skies looked threatening the whole time we were out there, we never got any rain. Still, we were glad we hadn't risked it and we enjoyed a little "downtime".

After dinner, Ryan insisted on remaining in the Children's playroom for the slumber party, while Patti, Kevin, and I took a walking tour of St. George. Kevin got a kick out of seeing the stocks and the ducking stool. We got him to pose in the stocks, but he balked when I offered to let him try out the ducking stool. We were all a bit disappointed that we didn't get to the beach today, but nothing, short of a hurricane, would stop us tomorrow!!

Thursday - St. George, Bermuda

Our last day in Bermuda dawned sunny and hot. Since we would only be able to choose one beach to go to today, I had polled some of the crewmembers at the Cova Cafe last night, regarding which beach we should go to. The choice was overwhelmingly in favor of St.Catherine's Beach, otherwise known as Gates Bay. Lou and Dick politely declined our offer for them to join us, since they were still feeling the effects of the sun from Horseshoe Bay. Ryan also did not want to go and made a beeline to the Children's Playroom. The "Afternoon Party" at the Playroom turned out to be a blessing for us since we didn't have to worry about picking Ryan up by 12:00. We began wondering if we would be able to get him off the ship in New York! So Patti, Kevin, and I walked over to the King's Square to pick up our transportation to the beach. It's been said that you can walk to the beaches from the ships, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's about a mile long, winding and hilly hike, and in the hot weather, forget it!! You can grab a bus,(our bus passes expired yesterday!), take a taxi at a cost of $5.50 a carload, or a shuttle at a cost of $2 per person. We elected to take a taxi and were at the beach in ten minutes. The beach is located on the east side of Fort St.Catherines, and though it's not as pretty as Horseshoe Bay, it's still a beautiful beach. The facilities here include a beachside Tiki bar, a snack bar, beach rentals, and bathrooms. There are no showers or changing rooms here. Patti wanted to get some pictures of the beach from on top of the fort, but since they were charging $5 to get to the museum inside, decided it wasn't worth it. She took pictures from the driveway leading to the fort. On the west side of the fort was a very pretty, small rocky cove, where people were snorkeling. I believe this was called Achilles Bay. There's also a very nice-looking restaurant called Blackbeard's Hideout which overlooks this area. Another quarter of a mile west of here is where Tobacco Bay is located. After a wonderful two hours at St. Catherine's Beach, it was with great sadness that we boarded the shuttle back to the Zenith for the final time. Tip: Make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to catch the shuttle---you'll have lots of company trying to pick up the few available shuttles and the only taxis we saw were giving tours. It was time to leave Paradise!!

Homeward Bound

At exactly 3p.m. the Zenith set sail from St. George's, heading for New York. The open decks were full of passengers getting their final glimpse of the beautiful islands of Bermuda, at least for this trip anyway. As we sailed through the Town Cut heading for the open sea, you could almost reach out and high five the people gathered on the rocks to bid us goodbye. Off the port bow, the Horizon was sailing past Fort St. Catherine to join up with us for the voyage home. We stayed out on deck until 4:30 when it was time for the children's talent show in the Rainbow Room. All the kids put on a great show. In no time at all it was time to get dressed for the Gala Farewell dinner. We only had one more day to go. .

Overnight we sailed into a storm, and when we woke up in the morning we were a-rocking and a-rolling!! The rain was coming down in sheets, and for a time, the open decks were off limits to passengers. Our gang, except for Lou who was a little green around the gills, weathered the storm just fine. The boys headed to the playroom, while Patti and I killed some time playing bingo, shopping, and making deposits in the casino. Around 2 p.m. we sailed out of the storm into calmer waters, and the sun came out. It seemed like everyone came out by the pools to get that last bit of sun time, and Karisma came out to play some lively tunes. A few hearty souls even went into the pools, which were still sloshing back and forth a little too dangerously for my taste. We enjoyed our last few hours on deck, then went to the Rainbow Room for a small production play put on by the Shipmates, Cadets, and Ensigns. Kevin had the leading male role, and he did quite well, as did all the children. Tonight was tip night, so we made sure to take good care of everyone, since they took very good care of us. But what's up with the tip for the Head Housekeeper? That's a new one for us. I heard somewhere that if you don't tip him, he takes a cut from the Room Steward. We couldn't let that happen so we gave him the suggested minimum of $.75 per person per day.

After dinner, Patti played in the casino for awhile, then collected the boys from the slumber party and headed back to the cabin. Lou, Dick, and I closed the Cova Cafe, then were chased out of the casino, so we too, had to call it a night.

We arrived back in New York at 8 a.m. Since we didn't have to catch a flight, we were issued gray tags, and as you can probably guess, we were the last color called to debark. Finding our bags was fairly easy, and we were in our limo, and on our way home in a matter of minutes.

Final Thoughts

Bermuda is now our most favorite island. We didn't even scratch the surface, when it comes to seeing what Bermuda has to offer. We will definitely be back sometime, hopefully, in the near future. Though I still prefer the megaliners, the Zenith, and her sister, the Horizon, are the perfect size for the Bermuda cruises. They are the largest ships that can dock in Hamilton and St. George, so what's to happen in the future when ships this size are not in existence any more? What ship will Princess Cruises use for Bermuda, once the Pacific Princess is retired? I would hate to be limited to the Dockyard, or even worse, having to tender in.

Did Celebrity "exceed" our expectations? No, because having posted on quite a few cruise bulletin boards, and having utilized the many cruise review websites over the past few years, we knew what to expect. Did Celebrity "meet" our expectations? Absolutely!!! And we would not hesitate to sail with Celebrity again. If you have any questions about the Zenith or Bermuda, don't hesitate to email me at jpmaskall@att.net. Photos from this cruise, and other cruises we have taken can be found at my photo website which is http://members2.clubphoto.com/jeffrey94178/.
Happy cruising and Bon Voyage!!