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by d nunez
July 16, 2005

Although the food and service on Celebrity is great. We will not take another cruise on celebrity due to an issue we had in Bermuda. We ported on Junly 18th in Hamilton and were surprised when Bermuda authorities came to our cabin with a security official from Celebrity to search our cabin for drugs. They had no probable cause to think that we were smuggling drugs. We later learned that since my husband's passport is from Dominican Republic, it raised a red flag. Apparently Bermuda is struggling with a drug issue and visitors with passports from DR, Jamaica, Columbia and Honduras may be searched just because of their ethnicticity.

Guest Relaations reps. did not empathize with how we felt - violated. We didn't feel as if Celebrity did anything to help us feel better about such violation. Imagine your room being searched for drugs while your daughter watches and the humiliation of passengers witnessing a search and interrogation going on. We were not treated as "celbrities" but instead as criminals and we feel that Celebrity should have warned their passengers of this possibility, asked the authorities if there was any probable cause to search our cabins. We will not return to Celebrity nor Bermuda.