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by Ed Willing
May 13, 2000

Out of N.Y. on 5/13/00. Drove to the port, which is no big deal. Plan on spending about $125.00 to leave the car. Embarkation went very smoothly. Very nice ship. Very clean and maintained. New York is just beautiful to sail out of. Esp. at 16:30. On to Bermuda. Day at sea quite easy. This trip and I suspect most others have a large contingency of seniors. Most there to watch and not participate. This writer being 40ish was not disappointed by the lack of "drinking games" which I have seen before. Bermuda is O.K. It is not the Caribbean. People very nice, the place is small. Past visitor get bus passes and ride around on their own. Speak the Queen's English and accept the Yankee dollar!!

The ship's captain, feeling rather nostalgic, decided to re-create the founding of the island by performing the re-enactment of Sir George Somers beaching of his vessel into a sand bar. Leaving St. George's, the Zenith was blown onto a sandbar and had to be towed off. This caused a 16 hour delay on our return. We got a couple of extra meals and got to N.Y. at 19:30. 1 1/2 hours for luggage, customs, etc. and back home. A nice trip once.