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by Mary
South America
August 26, 2007

We just returned from a 7-night cruise of the Galapagos Islands on the Celebrity Xpedition. It was fantastic! The islands themselves were incredible, and the naturalists were very well informed and friendly. They also seemed to genuinely love seeing all of the plants and animals too, although you'd think they could easily be bored.

The ship itself was quite new and very comfortable. Showers had excellent pressure, beds were nice. Food was good, but not great, mostly probably due to the requirement that everything is grown in the Galapagos or the Ecuadorian mainland. They did the best they could. Wine was from Chile and Argentina and was quite good.

Another great thing about the cruise was that everything was included, even top shelf liquor, mixed drinks, etc. No tipping either.

A few families were on the cruise. One had an 8 year old, who was just barely able to appreciate the trip. All of the other kids seemed like they were in paradise.

The service was excellent. Since it was a small ship, the staff knew everyone's name and cabin number. At lunch, they knew that I wanted an ice tea and my husband wanted a Fanta. They also knew everyone's mixed drink preferences and were able to suggest delicious concoctions.

I was a bit worried about sea sickness, but I only needed 2 dramamine pills the whole time. There was one woman who was sick despite a scopolamine patch, but she was the only one, I think.

Overall, fantastic cruise, the best in the Galapagos so far. My only complaint is that since we did not purchase the 10 day package (extra days on the mainland and airfare), the cruise line would not help with airplane arrangements at all. Not very nice on their part. Not at all.