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by Robin Zaleski
Eastern Caribbean
January 4, 2002

Having sailed on the Infinity on her maiden voyage and now having sailed on the Summit I can definitely say that there are details "missing" on the Summit in comparison to her sister.

A great deal of the artwork is missing from the Summit. Gone are the sculptures that graced each side of the elevators on each floor. This could almost be excused by the presence of the beautiful bronze woman by the thalasotherapy pool, almost. Gone is the wonderful mosaic inlay on the floor in front of the casino. Most of the walls in the Waterfall Cafe on Infinity were covered with large pieces of art, gone on the Summit.

The other missing details we noticed were that there was no music in the halls and that the ceiling in the main dining room did not change colors for each meal as it had on the Infinity.

by far the biggest difference we noticed was that Summit "rocks" quite a bit. You rarely felt Infinity moving. In fact Summit rocked so much that I had a hard time staying on the rowing machine in the gym. To have a ship rock this much leads me to think that something is not quite right with her. Another reviewer mentioned that Summit rocked a good 25 degrees and dumped water out of the thalasotherapy pool, flooding the ninth floor. He referred to this as a "steering" problem. I think that Summit has a major problem with her stabilizers. I don't see how they can send her off to Alaska with this problem. I bet they have to take her somewhere and fix her first.

We had a B-2 stateroom, which was very nice. Not so nice was having a balcony and being on the port side of 3 out of 5 ports. I've had more than my share of trucks beeping while backing up and looking at the tops of sheds with corrugated tin roofs. Not so nice was our stateroom attendant. We had a woman this time and there was much sighing and eye rolling whenever we asked for anything. Mostly she just acted like a hotel maid.

Food quality and drink quality was excellent. Some people at our table complained about their meat being overcooked but everything I ordered was cooked perfectly. I wish I could say our wait staff was perfect. I realize that you get the luck of the draw with staff but ALL of our personal staff was bad on this trip. Our waiter was not personable at all. He did not interact with us except to take our orders and deliver our food. Our assistant waiter did not have a good enough grasp of English to be able to do his job. We were seated next to the Captains table. What this means is that you get served dead last. Most nights we had to wait 30 minutes before receiving our first course. While waiting I found myself envying other tables with attentive staff, especially the fellow singing opera to his tables. Waiter envy - never a good thing. On the bright side our Sommelier was excellent. It was a pleasure to watch her doing her job. Our cocktail waitress was also very nice. Drink quality was excellent.

All of this said we did have a wonderful time. Caribbean ports were beautiful. Excursions were for the most part very good and well organized. I do believe that you could probably use the rum they serve as a gasoline substitute. Horseback riding on the beach in St. Kitts was a blast. In St. Thomas, take the cable car ride to the top and get a drink called a "bushwhacker" at the bar there. The view is spectacular!

I will definitely sail with Celebrity again, still the biggest bang for your buck!