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by Betsy Bart
October 10, 2005

It has been a while since I sailed on Celebrity and I may never do it again!

We had a lovely Concierge Class stateroom. The balcony was small but nice. Loved our daily breakfasts served by our great room steward. Our diningroom waiter and asst. waiter were wonderful too .
As for the rest of the staff, they were just the pits!

This was an employees country club atmosphere. This group was on board not for the passengers. They looked right past you at the buffets and were so  not helpful. Many oogled the women and laughed at the passengers, speaking in their own languages.It was obvious they did not like people.  However, the day before tip day, the staff was smiling, pleasant and just the way they should have been the whole trip but weren't! They were capable of pleasant service ,if they had wanted to give it, they just didn't want to! It was all about the money for this crew and not about the passengers.

I have never been treated so distastefully anywhere, on any cruise and I cruise 4 or more times a year. This staff left a very bad impression. As I said, they loved the money , not the people. Celebrity needs to better train and supervise their staff. Heck with Celebrity. They have lovely ships and the ,one on one staff, is great. The rest of the ship staff made for very unpleasant cruising. Shame on you Celebrity.