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by Stephen Blanchard
Western Caribbean
December 6, 2004

I am writing to express my utter disappointment with the services provided for those of us who incurred the additional expense of Concierge Class cruising. Much was promised; little delivered!

More particularly I wish to alert all potential travelers against paying an additional premium to dine in a "specialty" restaurant. This elitist temptation at participating in the outmoded and blatantly biased imposition of a "Class Conscious" clientelle, now sickens me for having given in to temptation.

Never can I e recall receiving such little value for money spent. Instead I was insulted by the pomposity and arrogance of much of the staff. Voicing my displeasure brought me an invitation to return "free of surcharge" but my experience had been so deeply offending that 'wild horses...etc!

This was not my first Celebrity Cruise but it may well be my last.

Stephen Blanchard PH. 2408 Toronto, Can.