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Southern Caribbean
December 11, 2004

My husband and I sailed on the Summit December 11- December 17, 2004. Cabin # 8098

We have sailed on several of the Celebrity Cruise ships before. Millienium, Galaxy and the Constellation. Our previous experience on these ships were excellent. The customer service and the food was excellent.

To our disappointment, we were shocked at the quality of the food served. The dinning room food was awful, it was not the Celebrity quality food that we have received in the past.

The lunch buffet had repeats of the previous days lunches. We were served scallops one night, and I became ill after eating them.

It's ovious Celebrity is owned by Royal Carribean, We stopped sailing the Royal CARRIBBEAN cruise line for the same reasons.

I know companys are cutting back to save money however the prices of cruises are going up and the QUALITY OF THE FOOD IS GOING DOWN.

Our cruise was an eleven day cruise, I could not wait to get home to get a decent meal. I refuse to eat left overs everyday.

I pray Celebrity is reading this review. I took two weeks off my job for a much needed vacation and relaxzation period.

Celebrity, I am shocked at you allowing this to occur.

Celebrity has won many awards for it's cusine. I must say, If I had to vote for this one I would rate you below par.

A very dissapointed customer