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by Susan Warren
Southern Caribbean
March 24, 2003

This was one of the best vacations ever.
They seem to get better every year!

First, we flew Jet Blue, which was absolutely fantastic....I just hope they keep growing and branching out, as I would surely fly that airline anywhere, anytime.....they are the best.....personnel so friendly, plane so comfortable, tons of snacks to select from....and on time.

The cruise was all we thought it would be, my mom (her 80th birthday celebration cruise- this tradition started on her 75th),
my sister and myself. We were in cabin 8074, which was more than ample for the 3 of us, as we are used to making it work.

The cabin staff was so gracious and anxious to please. We couldn't have asked for anything more.
As a matter of fact, the entire staff was more than accommodating in every way
all over the ship.


We were especially fortunate to have a fantastic wait staff in the dining room, where we ate dinner each evening, and also had wonderful tablemates, who I know we will keep in touch with. (Our first dinner we were at a table with 5 other elderly women, making a table of 8 females.....my mother, who is extremely young spirited asked to move to a table that was mixed ages and couples and it was perfect!)

The food was good to very good, not excellent, but we enjoyed all our meals.
A couple of small problems but nothing to spoil the dinner. (one night they ran out of filet mignon and kept us waiting 45 minutes with no word why we were waiting...they had to go down to the lower storage area and retrieve more beef)
We sat there wondering why the rest of the restaurant was finished and we hadn't been served yet!!!! Little communication problem there...but worth the wait...
No lobster until the 2nd to last night....almost no papaya at all....one of my favorites are the cold fruit and melon soups.....

As I rarely leave the ship....I go simply to rest...my mom and sis check out every port. Many people were not too thrilled with the ports in Panama and Costa Rica.
Alot of poverty and crime.....but they still saw the sights....even though alot were depressing.

I did find the silver shops that were recommended in this newsgroup and picked up a couple of great pieces, so thanks to all who suggested Cinco Soles.

One funny thing....the first newsletter for the first day out listed topless sunbathing..
I walked around to where it was supposed to be...deck 12 foreward....lots of lounge chairs....no people. The next day it was not listed in the letter..I called the office and they explained that it had not been instituted as yet....not until the ship goes into drydock and has privacy walls built.
So much for that feature on this cruise.

I only made it to one show, and the cast was really quite good. Mom and sis went to every show.....while i was in the gym working off all the food i was eating....
Everyone said the shows were wonderful and very professional.

The ship was lovely, as all the Celebrity ships seem to be...now we can start planning the next cruise....eleven nights seems to be just enough time to relax and make the most of a vacation. We may never go back to a 7 day cruise....who knows.....I don't mind sailing around the Caribbean every year....the weather was divine....even too hot at times....

Well, I can only say that Celebrity is still our favorite cruise line......

It's always good to come home too....
Just wanted to post a little review....
If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to email me......