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by Mel
Western Caribbean
December 3, 2001

The ship is great. So far embarkation was good. The lunch was good and the ship is beautiful. Net2Phone works from the ship, so ship to shore calls can be made for nothing or as little as 3 cents per minute.

Looking forward to a great cruise. The weather so far has been great. Embassy suites in Fort Lauderdale was good. They honored the $50 priceline bid, which included a cocktail party and a full breakfast. Also shuttle from airport and to port.

Well, let's finish the first day. Dinner was just fair. Service was good, but not the greatest choices for food. I had double shrimp cocktail, Oriental broth with Asian vegetables, no salad, and half a chicken. Entree choices were hake, pasta w/smoked salmon, half chicken, veal piccata, and roast beef. I had creme brulee, and apple turnover of some sort and rum raisin ice cream. The desserts were fair. My wife had the roast beef, and it did not look great. She had a pastry swan filled with whipped cream and on a chocalate sauce.

The Welcome show was pretty good. A couple of numbers by the Celebrity singers and dancers, and a few songs by an acapella group named Metro. They had an Italian midnight buffet, that looked better than dinner, but since we had just finished dinner at 10:35PM, we had no room. Went to the casino and broke even (lucky I had a full house with a bonus coin) playing Caribbean Stud poker.

My wife is unpacking now, and I'll probably press my Tux tomorrow. We hadn't unpacked yet because BW was hoping for another upgrade to a Royal Suite (snicker, snicker). Well that's it for yesterday. We now start day 2. The ship reached Key West about 7AM. There was some vibration as we docked, but nothing uncomfortable. We went to the dining room for open seating breakfast. It was very good with lots of choices. The waiter brings everything, one at a time, but you must give them the entire order including juice, fruit cereal, pancakes, french toast, eggs, bacon, etc. Also there is no syrup on the table, so you must ask for it when you order, or your food will get cold while you wait. BW had kadota figs, broiled Scotch kippers, eggs benedict, grits and coffee. I had orange juice, smoked salmon, cream cheese and toasted bagel, a spanish omelet with bacon and sausage. We then left the ship for Key West. We walked to Hemingway's house and did the tour there. It's $9/pp, but you can get discounts with AARP, AAA and many others. It was very interesting. We did not take the conch train or the trolley tour, as they were $20/pp, and we felt it wasn't worth it. We walked around town, and saw the main landmarks, which was OK. Had a slice of key lime pie, and conch fritters. Pretty good. Did some shopping in a Coach outlet and did about 2 hours of walking.

We went back to the ship, and I had lunch, but BW was feeling stuffed, so she passed. Buffet lunch in the waterfall cafe was OK. Nothing great except for nice flavored gelatos. Then down to our balcony for sailaway at about 2:30PM. We then went to the T-pool and hot tub for about an hour. BW had to drag me kicking and screaming, but once I got there, stayed in for about half our in the T-pool, and 15 minutes in the hot tub. Buth were great and very relaxing. No kids in sight. They must have closets they are hidden in. Then we went up to deck 11 for some sun and we managed to miss all the activities, trivia game, etc. After about a 30 minute nap, at 4PM, I went down and got a couple of slices of pizza, one seafood, that had shrimp and squid, and the other, a vegetable slice. Grrrreat. BW woke and saw me eating, so she had to have some. loved it. I then went and got some soft ice cream, yummy, and fruit and some very tasty mocha cheese cake. They also had these small tea sandwiches that looked pretty good, but by then, i figured, hey dinner at 8:30 and the Captain's cocktail party at 7:30. So at 5PM we went down to the cabin to shower and get ready. I had a rum and lemon twist diet coke, which I brought on board in Key West, with no problem, while I did this post.

Net2Phone is more than adeqate, as is the internet connection. It's a very slow connection, and there is about a 2-3 second delay. The parties have to give each other a couple of seconds to finish their thoughts before replying, but it's live and you are connected for less that 3 cents/minute. I just spoke with my 89 year old mother in law for 15minutes (BW can't take her for that long while on vacation), and it went very well. See if you can test it a few times before you leave, with different people around the country. BTW, the dryer is adequate. BW has shoulder length hair, and it was fine for her. OK for me too.

Day 3 and balance day 2

We left off talking of the Cap's Cocktail Party. Well I neglected to mention that I had my tux pressed (same day service cost a penalty of $1.25), otherwise $3.50). I had a drink in the cabin, and then we headed down at about 7PM. The party was scheduled for 7:45. Well we had a little time left before the party, so we took our pictures and went to the casino. Together we won about $100, but more about that later. You could order bar drinks at the cocktail party, and there were some nice canapes. Dinner was better last night. Started with a double order of escargot, then a salad, and for my entree I had shrimp scampi and Tournedos Rosselini (filet mignon) which were both pretty good. The side dishes were just fair. BW had the same, with the exception of duckling l'orange instead of the steak. Desserts were OK. Warm apple tart, pear souffle. cherries jubilee. We opted for the tart, souffle and a side of butter pecan ice cream. We rolled out of the dining room and went to the show 'Encore' that started in the large club at 11PM. Got there just in time. Late seating left plenty of seats. We were first row center. The show was great. Don't miss it. Entertainment so far was better than the last Celebrity cruise.

OOPS, forgot to mention that BW HAD TO GO BACK to the casino. She gave back about $25 and I gave back about $75. Went back to cabin about 1:30AM. BTW, no midnight buffet, just snacks. Service still continues to be good. Weather is great and seas calm, as is the ship's motion. We just docked in Cozumel, so I'll just go tickle BW awake, and head off for breakf ast, and a day of 3 esses. Sun, sand and SHOPPING.

We decided not to go to Playa Sol. Instead, spent the day shopping in Cozumel with a couple we met at breakfast that seem to have a lot in common with us. Got some good deals and some nice souveniers, and some things I don't want to talk about on this board, but you must know what I'm talking about. Had a snack of some pizza and fruit when we got back. Now I'll make a drink, and sit out on my xtra large verandah. It's a hard life, but I could get used to it. Back to cabin at 5PM Wednesday for sailaway and drink. Ship is moving around a bit. Very windy, rock & roll. Tak'em if you've got'em. If not go to cabin steward and get some bonine. Dinner, just fair. Poor choices, like a second class diner. I wouldn't recommend any choices. Try pasta, as that was the only thing we didn't. I had the 'lamb steak', a roundbone overcooked lamb shou8lder chop. BW had roast sirloin, phehh. Show, just fair. Comedian Noodles Levenstein, old jokes. Singer, part of Celebrity singers. Tex-Mex midnight buffet outdoors. Stupid. Very windy, food blowing off plates, and did not look good. Many people sick. Country line dancing, very little participation. More to come. Off to breakfast and day at sea. Sorry if this disappoints, it did me. Hopefully it gets better.

Day 4 at sea began with breakfast in the dining room. I don't like the buffet if I can help it. Our waiter last night gave us a window to come in for breakfast from 8:45-9AM. If we weren't there during that 15 minute window, he said we would have to eat in the buffet. I think there should always be open seating for breakfast, but that will be for another thread. While we were eating breakfast, the ship was moving very quickly and was rocking a lot. Then strangely, the ship startyed to make a sharp turn, and listed to the side at what seemed a 45 degree angle. Dishes clattered to the floor, people started to get frightened and the engines cut off completely. After about a half hour of drifting, there was an announcement that the ship had experienced a problem with its steering system, and we would proceed slowly using the manual steering system. Then about an hour and a half later, it was announced that the system was repaired, and the ship resumed speed. There was no longer that rocking motion. Had hot dog, hamburger and taco for lunch today. It was OK. Desserts and ice cream as usual at the buffet. I did not go inside to check the buffet today, but they are usually pretty good, except for the stuff on the steam trays, which look and taste like the food you had in your high school or college caf.

Sat out on deck 11 and listened to the band. Very good. Got some sun. Then went to the T-pool and sat in the pool for a half hour, and had a long nap. That was great. BTW, there are a ton of activities going on all day long. You need to have a watch and the daily sheet, in order not to miss those things you want to see. As you can tell, I'm trying not to get away from my rep as a champion couch potato.

At about 4:15 I went to a slice of pizza and some fruit, and the BW got a cookie and a soft ice cream that she said was very good. They also had tea sandwiches and lots of other goodies. The service continues to be excellent, and the staff is very friendly. Now it's time for a drink and some more rest before dinner and show. Informal night, to tie or not to tie, that's the question. I think I'll tie tonight, no socks, however, and I'll see how it goes.

Dinner was fair last night. Best entree was filet mignon cubes. Desserts were OK. Show was singers and dancers again doing famous singers. Pretty good. Costa Rica - town is poor, don't waste your time in town. Shopping area just before town has better prices. Shop in the morning and take an afternoon tour if possible. We did the Tortuguero Canals, it was OK. We saw lots of wildlife and had a closeup of the banana plantation. OK, some detail on Tortuguero Canal excursion. There are 2 per day, morning and afternoon. We elected to do this in the afternoon, as we wanted to shop in the AM. The excursion started at 1PM (had lunch onboard)with a nice A/C bus ride through nice countryside and banana plantations, with the guide giving a short course in Costa Rican history. Then when we arrived at the canal, and there were clean restrooms (go now, none on boat), a spread of cut up melon, pineapple, coconut, whole bananas, sodas and coffee, all free. The boat left about 2:45PM our time. We saw some nice wildlife. Crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, sloths, and a lot of different birds. We got back to the ship at about 5:15PM. In time to get some pizza and........ Had a drink in cabin, took a shower, called my brother, who was back from Vegas, and my mother-in-law. Reserved a shore excursion for the $25 Gatun Locks tour. No real shopping here, as the ship advises against it.

Went to dinner. Here we go again. Appetizer pasta was OK. Soup was OK. Salad OK. Entree of prime rib was best choice, and was OK. Seafood brochette was not too good. Had chocolate mousse pie with cinnamon ice cream for dessert. The assistant head waiter made the rounds and asked if there was anything he could do. We asked that he have a bowl of mints ant toothpicks at all the exits, not just at the 4th floor main entrance. He did not agree, but got us some mints. (None for the rest of the passengers)

On to the 'entertainment'. In the Celebrity lounge, they had the Newlywed, not so Newlywed game. It was a hoot. After that, we went up to the Revelations lounge for a 50's, 60's Sock Hop. We were picked for a twist contest (came in 5th, out of 5). It was a lot of fun. Went down to the casino. Broke even, BW lost some, no major damage. A woman won $4,800 on a one dollar slot the day before yesterday (I don't know if I mentioned that). Otherwise, slots are not paying off. We are now in Panama, and I'm going to get dressed for Breakfast and go on the 11:30 tour with friends we met.

Some additional word on the steering problem. Many of the cabins on the 9th deck were flooded when the ship heeled over. All these guests were given free cruises. I had switched cabins, because I had been aware of a problem like this on the 9th floor. We took the $25 Gatun Lock tour, and it worked out well. We got to see 2 ships going through the locks, and the operation of the locks. We also found that we could have gotten a cab with a driver to take us there and back for $40 round trip for the whole cab. You could have 4 people, and it would cost only $10/per person.

There was some good shopping at Colon2000 at the pier. BW got some nice craft stuff, and I picked up cigarettes for a friend @$13/carton for Marlboros. Also got some Skye vodka for $8/liter. It was cheaper than the ship or our other stops. Also, I was not stopped when bringing it aboard, and I got a refill on my rum, which was running low. I do save a lot by having that drink in my cabin.

Dinner tonight had the much heralded rack of lamb. It lived up to its reputation. It was perfectly cooked and delicious. For appetizer, I had frog legs, which were also good. Then Chicken, corn velvet soup. Belgian endive salad, and a flan type dessert. BTW, the only other entree this meal that prople enjoyed, was a sirloin steak. The quail were overcooked, and the fish was left on the plate by another guest at our table. Last night was the second formal night. The Broadway show was pretty good. A medley of Broadway show songs with some glitz and lots of dancing. About 45 minutes long. The T-pool was broken yesterday, when we got back from the locks tour. Hope it's fixed today. We decided to take the Deluxe City Tour in Cartegena today. It starts at 9AM and goes to 1PM. The ship sails at 2PM. BW would like to get some extra time shopping, so we may stay another 30 minutes and take a cab back. More on that later. Re T-pool broken.

It's fixed today, and it had nothi8ng to do with the flooded cabins. That was caused by a steering problem, when the ship listed about 25 degrees and the water rushed out of all the pools, in some cases with people in/out of them. There were some injuries and some cabins on that side of the ship were flooded. All affected got mfree4 cruises, and Celebrity never announced anything publicly. BTW, this ships rocks from side to side in slightly high seas and winds. Better bring your Dramamine, etc.

Well, we were convinced to take the Deluxe City Tour at Cartegena today. A wastye of $29 per person. The total cost was $39, but four friends grabbed a cab for $40 for all of them, and we met them every place we went. Their driver just followed the tour. The cruise people scare you into taking the ship's tours, when you would be better off on your own. We did some shopping in Cartegena, but almost everything was overpriced, and you can really haggle. Collared Cartegena shirts can be had for 5/$10. They originally asked for $10 each. Tablecloths for $5, cigars cheap. Cigarettes $10 carton. Haggle, haggle, haggle. If you don't like to, you'll be viewed the fool by them. Tonight is past cruisers party and first night of Hannukah candle lighting. There is a Rabbi on board who has been doing daily prayers for those interested. BTW, breakfast is much better in the dining room than in the waterfall cafe. It's just as fast if you know what to order. If you have to see the food first, by all means, stick to the cafe. Day 8 - Went to the past cruisers party 5:15-6. Wow, capacity crowd in the Celebrity Theater, probably some crashers, they didn't check invitations. Order any drink you want, or take from the trays they walk around with. No canapes as in previous parties we've attended. After the party, went to the casino for a bit. Broke even, BW won some. 7PM - showtime for late seating. Metro - very good, Kirby St. Germaine, we've seen him before, I think on Celebrity, just fair. Hannukah candle lighting after show was very nice. They had a very long show, so we did not have time to part5ake of the wine and latkes. Dinner was supposed to be very good according to people we met at the Hannukah service. They said Filet Mignon was very good. I started with escargot and mushrooms in puff pastry, pretty good. Skipped soup (cream of cauliflower, chicken broth with salmon quenelles, and cold black cherry soup) and salad. In its place I ordered an entree (pasta with shrimp and scallop scampi, very good) as my soup/salad. For my main entree, I ordered thye Filet medium rare. It came medium well. I did not want to wait for another, so I just5 had some of it, and went on to dessert. I had another flan type dessert and butter pecan ice cream.

After dinner, they had big band in the Revelations nite club, not very well attended. They had oriental buffet at 11:30. The only things that were edible, were the noodle dish with nuoc mam sauce, and the white rice, and a couple of desserts. Everything else was way off the mark in authenticity. Tandoori chicken and poek satay were mushy. Egg rolls were greasy and tasteless, shushi was smoked salmon, or cooked tuna or shrimp, no raw fish, but then who would want to eat raw fish after 7 days at sea. Back to casino and BW won a t-shirt. Tapped out the nickel machine she was playing on. She needed an attendant to carry the nickels to the cashiers. Time to get ready for breakfast. Dining room today, open seating. No more Waterfall Cafe for me. Then it's off to Aruba beach, lunch and shopping (of course). Aruba story. We did not take a tour. I wanted to go to Baby Beach on the other side of the Island (best for snorkeling and swimming, as per the natives), but we found out that the facilities there are closed Monday. We took a bus ($4 round trip) to the Hotel Allegro (Palm Beach), where they had free chairs, changing room, swimming pool, or beach, water sports, including but not limited to kayaking, parasailing, etc. We stayed til about 12:30, then headed back to the ship for lunch. Skipped pasta bar, but behind the pasta bar they had American lunch. BBQ ribs, chicken, corn on cob, cole slaw, potato salad. My ribs were tough (BW agreed), and BW's were tender. Went to front of Waterfall Cafe and they had a regular spread, which included braised lamb shanks that were great, + much more that looked good, but was filling up rapidly, so I saved some room for dessert. Flan and bread pudding w/chocolate sauce.

After lunch, we walked off the ship and the BW managed to anger every jewelry salesperson in Aruba. Needless to say, she didn't buy anything. She said for sure in Grand Cayman.

Dinner last night had some good choices. Shrimp cocktail, I ordered a double, and my waiter Omer (a very straight-faced Turk, who is now very smiley) brought me 2 doubles, as I had no soup or salad. Salad choices were OK, as were soups, but the shrimp were enough for me. The entrees that I tasted were sauteed scallops, very good, and roast duck w/green peppercorns, also very good and moist, but not with crispy skin as advertised. Tablemates who ordered veal Oscar said it was good and tender, while people at early seating said it was tough and chewy. The tablemate who ordered the wahoo (fish) said it was good, but only had 2 bites, and 2 desserts. I can only assume she did not like it, even though she told Omer it was good. Desserts were good as usual.

BW went to the show in the Celebrity Theater, a pianist, Antonio Salsi, I think. She said he was great, standing room only. Not my cup of tea. I went up to deck 10 for the Onyx group dancing the usual, Hot, Hot, Hot, Macarena, Electric Slide, etc. The deck was full of people, lots of participation. There are many more people our age group than I had noticed earlier. The event up on this deck included the 2 ice carvers doing 2 ice sculptures in 10 minutes. Great to watch. Then a waiters parade of carved watermelons, and the buffet then consisted of ribs, fried chicken and many varieties of tropical fruit and desserts. I seem to have a minor cold, so as we picked up some cold medicine in Aruba, I was tired and went to my cabin. BW stayed to enjoy and the to the casino to lose some money. BTW, the ship is rocking a lot, and I would suggest taking something if you're prone to seasickness. The seas are not too rough, but the ship does rock. It's also rather noisy and does vibrate. Perhaps it's just this cabin. BW seems to sleep very well (like a baby in a rocking cradle).

Today is a day at sea. Let's see if I can answer a couple of questions.

seadaisy - Just order in advance the things you want, ie. Juice, fruit, cereal, fish, eggs and sides. Order all at once, because everytime you have an additional request, you add time to your stay.

J33JWA - I've never closed the casino, but I'm sure it's the last to close on the ship. At least 2AM. They don't give anything away. You pay for drinks. On the nights with gourmet bites, they come around with salty treats that will make you buy drinks at regular prices. I think I'll go back to sleep until my 8Am wake up call. Wow, this ship is really rocking, and the sun is shining brightly, maybe I'll go out on the verandah. (Sounds like Allan Sherman, Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah).

I'm using my own laptop in my cabin, and I've downloaded Net2Phone, so that I can make calls from my PC to a phone anyplace in the world for less than 3 cents/minute. I've been able to stay in touch with my office and family for pennies a day. The cost of the internet connection in the cabin was $100 for unlimited usage for the entire trip. I've been connected for at least 12 hours already. At 99 cents/minute, you can figure out what it might have cost.

And now the saga continues. We've been invited to a Captains Club cocktail party at 11:30AM today. After breakfast in the dining room, we were approached by Antonello, the Asst. Maitre de, and he asked us to speak with the Restaurant Manager. Apparently, my criticism of the food had been heard. We've been offered dinner for 2 in the Normandie this evening, and I've accepted, even though the menu does not appeal to me. I hope I'll be able to find something that works. More about this later. I guess that old saying, 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease', is true.

Well it's out to the balcony for an hour of sun until the cocktail party. It's a hard life, but I'm trying to get used to it.

I just got back from the elegant tea, which had white glove service and was a little different than the regular tea. This is the only day it was held. Don't miss it. In addition to the regular tea sandwiches, they also had scones with clotted cream and jam. Very good.

Tonight the showtimes are reversed with late seating having the show at 7PM and main seating having the show at 9PM. It's Noodles Levenstein tonight, and I'll probably miss it because of dining in the Normandy. Saw the begining of the show at 7PM last night. One of the singers from the Celebrity troop, very good. Then Noodles Levenstein. A young guy, but very old jokes, which are, of course, still funny if you've not heard them before.

Went to our 7:30PM reservation at the Normandie Restaurant. They treat you very well. As good as any restaurant I've been in. We had a nice table with a view of the entire room and the kitchen. We started with a little extra amusee that was not on the menu, cantaloupe balls and cantaloupe sorbet. They came around and offered bread which was all very good. The sommolier came with wine list and asked us to choose wine. Unfortunately, because I had taken a cold pill, I could not have any. He then said that the dinner was being paid for by Celebrity, and wine was included, so we should choose a bottle and BW could have some and the remainder of the bottle would be sent to our dining room table tonight. As we were eating light, he helped us choose a Cakebread Chardonnay, 1999 @ $90/bottle. That was one of the least expensive on the menu. When it was uncorked, BW said it was delicious. I smelled it, and it had a great aroma. We wanted to share our dishes, so we ordered different things. The chef does not permit the waiters to share the dishes, so you must do it yourself. We didn't mind at all. All the service in the restaurant was wonderful. We chose a Ceasar salad and the goat cheese souffle to start. Both were very good. BTW, there are no seconds in the restaurant, and it is a four course meal. Soup, salad or appetizer for the first course. Entree for the second. Cheese and fruit for the 3rd, and dessert and beverage for the last. For the entrees, as I stated before the choices are not of world class caliber. We chose shrimp scampi, which, in this version is shrimp wrapped in pancetta, and sauteed at the table in olive oil and Balsamic vinegar, with arugola added to the pan just before serving. The 6 shrimp are arranged around the pile of arugola on the dish. The vegetable side dish consisted of asparagus risotto, , with some mini vegetables. I like this dish, except for the risotto, which BW told the waiter tasted like wallpaper paste smelled. The waiter thought the remark hilarious, as he had never heard that expression. He said the 4 other people that had been served the risotto before us, did not comment, but when we asked him, he said they did not eat it. My wife thought the shrimp had an aftertaste. The other entree was the rack of lamb encroute, which is like beef wellington, but with a rack of lamb. The lamb was delicious, and it had a covering of minced mushrooms under the baked crust. Both of these dishes, in the past could have been served in the regular dining room, as I'm sure some of you past cruisers will attest. The next course was the cheese and fruit (apples and grapes) with thin slices of bread and celery. There is a large selection of cheese, and you can taste as many as you want. This and the coffee and tea are the only thing you can have unlimited seconds of. By this time we were so full, we could not even think of seconds. All the cheeses were delicious. Next was dessert. Chocolate souffle and crepe suzettes were our choice. You must order the souffle at the begining of the meal. These both were delicious. I just had a taste of the souffle, BW finished it, and I had one crepe, BW finished that also. Then the waiter brought out petit fours which were a selection of cookies and candies. All in all, I would definitely recommend that you try this one night. The entrees might not be the best choices, but the presentation, ambiance, and service are great. After dinner, we caught the balance of the show we walked out on earlier, and then went to the casino, which was good to me for a change.

We went to sleep early, and woke to the sight of Grand Cayman. The seas are calm, so we should start to tender shortly. I think we will wing it today. BW wants to see 7 mile beach and shop. That's OK with me. Dinner on the last formal night lived up to expectations. Started with double shrimp cocktails, and then double lobster tails. Baked Alaska for dessert was OK if you like tri-color ice cream. I preferred a dessert with Irish whiskey, don't remember the name right now. This was the only night the waiters and assistants paraded around the dining room. It was nice. We had the some of the wine from yesterday, and I was able to taste it. It was a very good choice.

Last night was the Grand Buffet. I was beautiful. I only wish I was in early seating, so that I could have tasted some. Great ice carvings and terrines. The lobster was out of shell as was the shrimp. The cakes and pastries looked amazing. We took some pictures and went to the casino, where I hit a small jackpot on a quarter slot machine. Final formal show had the pianist, acrobats and singers and dancers. It was pretty good. Some people would not like it, as it seemed geared to an older crowd. Tonight is Metro & Kirby St.Germaine again. I pass.

Debarkation talk - Breakfast is open seating, 6-8AM in DR, and 6-8:30AM at buffet. Everyone, including US citizens are required to report to Celebrity theater at 7:45AM for an immigration check. There will be random custom checks of luggage. The weather is very warm today, and I'm beginning to look forward to debarkation. Tonight the talent show is at 5:15PM, and final jackpot bingo is at 10:30PM. I've packed most of our clothes already, and we'll probably just relax for the rest of the day. We thought we would try the dining room for lunch, but the menu did not look too enticing. We had some good snacks at the buffet, and the BW had a candy apple that she said was great.

I bought a 12 pack of diet-lemon-coke and a six pack of Evian on board in Ft. Lauderdale, and I also had 2 liters of rum that we finished with friends at balcony parties. It would not be right to dr4ink these in public, but there seems to be no objection in the privacy of your cabin.Last night we missed the show which was at 7PM. Kirby St.Germaine and Metro - Went to the casino, and recouped some money. Lost some over the length of the cruise, but not much. Dinner the last night was not bad. Do the rack of lamb. It's consistently the best choice. Desserts were OK. You'll definitely find one you like. Went to final jackpot bingo, lost. Winner was a nice older woman who played all cruise. She She won $2800. Not much for a cruise this long.Debarkation- breakfast in DR, 6-8AM, Waterfall Cafe, 6-8:30AM. You must be completely out of your cabin by 8AM. No room to finish.