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by Joanne
May 13, 2002

This is my little review of my "getting lei'd" cruise on the Summit. Plus a little tongue in cheek.

Deb & I landed on a muggy Mother's Day, in time for the get-together at the Hawaiian Hilton. It was SO great to actually meet the people I've been reading to/about/with!! The CruiseMates were a great bunch!!! In spite of the "monsoon!"

Now, please bear in mind this is the opinion of a 2nd cruiser only. As for the Summit, I was disappointed (she said with tongue in cheek). First of all, I knew as soon as I saw those beautiful gold panels handing from the Grand Foyer and extending down that I was in trouble: it matched one of my formal nite outfits!! No standing by those for me!!

I enjoyed the Martini Bar -- not for the martinis, but because it was less crowded than other areas.

I didn't venture into Michael's Club; probably cuz I was afraid I'd buy too many cigars instead of all those great little souvenirs!!!

I liked the size of our cabin (8045) -- large balcony, and I didn't mind the closet door being right in front of the bathroom door. Actually, I figured it would present some great pictures of Debbie; but that didn't work out because my camera wasn't working (unbeknownst to me at the time) and she would graciously yell "I'm coming out" before she did so.

My gripe is/was the bed(s) -- actually, they separated the queen into what I like to call cots. I'm used to spreading out all over the bed; I couldn't do that without the floor meeting my face and since I was never formally introduced to my carpet floor, that was probably a blessing. The color scheme had me puzzled though -- especially the carpeting -- it was bluish with I'm not sure if it was tropical fish or flower petals. Guess it depended on how many Bahama Mamas I had, and I couldn't ask Debbie as she was asleep by the time I hit the bed. Now the bedspreads (Deb would want me to mention that it took 2 calls before we got bedspreads -- incase she wanted to entertain and the beds weren't made.) were a reddish-orange color, which to me is not very quieting at all. I figure it explains why I wanted to punch the pillows every night (isn't red a confrontational color?)

Due to miscommunication, we missed some of the Oddvents (actually, I was told certain events were cancelled -- some jealous non-Cruisemate type, I figure). Thoroughly enjoyed the PJ Sailaway -- Tweety loved it (yes, I wore my Tweety slippers)!! And the Animal Kingdom party was fun (I'm not quite sure what I was dressed as: tiger-print duster over a black tank dress, with a black boa wound around my neck)!!! I did see most of the Activities staff wherever I went, though.

My favorite place was the Rendezvous lounge -- I particularly enjoyed Errol the bartender and winning Trivia contests!! Ooh -- and Debbie and I were on winning $100,000 Pyramid teams, twice!!!

Debbie and I ate in the dining room, late seating for dinner. Buffet'd it for breakfast and lunch except for once. I liked choices in buffet, but I'm a salad, fruit lunch person so I had no quibble with that. And I'm very proud to say I only got lost ONCE in the Buffet, trying to head back to the Group at the end of the ship (i never remember if i'm going stern or aft; it's sometimes difficult for me to figure out if i'm coming or going, at least on a ship!) -- don't laugh!! YOU try remembering if you turned right or left!! Thankfully, the third time I passed the same couple who waved & smiled, I figured out I should try turning the other (other) way, and it worked!! It only took 20 minutes to get back, and Deb only wondered what took me so long -- her very last guess was that I got lost!

Oh -- Deb did do Alternative Dining on the night of the Luau. So far the $2.00 charge has not shown up, but she liked it and thought the food was good.

Our room service was great!!! Cabin steward Marylou kept us neat and tidy.

Food was OK; all staff extremely personable and friendly. I got to see 3 movies (I AM SAM (wonderful!); PRINCESS DIARIES (cute); THE SCORE (so-so).

I enjoyed the Summit, but since I only have one cruise to compare it to, I liked the Vision of the Seas better. It looked newer; I didn't want to fight my pillows; I thought their Grand Buffet more creative; their panels didn't match my formal outfit, and I didn't get lost in the Buffet. And on the Summit, it only took til into the week at sea to discover that if I turned left from my cabin and went down the stairs, I'd be in front of the Celebrity Theater (so I'm slow -- put me on another cruise!!)