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by Travelover
Eastern Caribbean
December 7, 2008

The Solstice is the most beautiful ship I have ever seen. Every square inch is decorated with elegance. That's the upside.

On the downside, dinners are insonsistent. Three great dinners and 4 dinners not worthy of a cruise ship anywhere.

The pools were inconsistent. Two very wonderful days followed by 5 days of the coldest water I have ever seen. Very nice -- fly to the Carfibbean to freeze your tuchus off.

The entertainment -- Two good shows, 1 mediocre show, 1 night with no show at all, 2 nights with homespun shows consisting of the musicians from all over the ship, and then one very terrible show of a man playing the Xylophone. This Xylophone player is worthy of a 10 minute warmup act -- not an entire show.

Dan Hanrahan put hundreds of millions into a bheautiful vessel -- now put another few hundred into singers, magicians, and maybe even a good comic. I have 73 cruises under my belt and as an experienced traveler I cannot tell you how I feel so ripped off.