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by jae park
Southern Caribbean
February 4, 2008

I will never sail with Celebrity again! This was our 2nd cruise with them. The first time was with Century, which was a very good cruise.

We had a terrible time making things right on the 2nd cruise. Had a cruise discount we were supposed to receive; it took over 2 months to get it, after trying desperately to get it from early December, 2007, to a week after the cruise itself.

We received absolutely horrible treatment by Celebrity. I believe they deliberately make it difficult/impossible for customers to get the discount, hoping customers would just give up.

Also, the ship was not as clean as it should be, and the staff quality was very spotty; some of them were downright rude.

I also injured my thumb badly, when a tour bus driver sped over a large speed bump at high speed (he was late going back to the ship). The ship's staff could not care less; I eventually had to pay for a wrap around bandage at the ship's infirmary to wrap my hand. This thumb is still painful (now at the end of May); and I have spent much money with medical staff back home. Beware that Celebrity will tell you to go fly a kite if anything happens off the ship; not even a word of concern or offer of even a bandage. Their main concern is to tell you whatever happens to you off the ship is absolutely none of their responsibility.

This was just an awful ship staff and awful ship management. Never again will I sail on Celebrity.