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by Helene Apper
Western Caribbean
December 18, 2005

I have over 60 cruises under my belt.  As of late, I have been disenchanted with the service on cruise ships.  The "free style" type of dining has taken away from the service aspect of the ships.  The automatic tipping makes for lazy cabin stewards, waiters, busboys, etc.  However, my recent cruise on the Celebrity Milennium made me a believer again.  We had an "old style" waiter and busboy who knew what we wanted and attended to our every dining need.  We had a cabin stewardess who was second to none.

Celebrity has gone back to cruising the old way.  The service aspect of our recent trip was just fabulous.  The food was fabulous.  The ship was immaculate.  No request went unanswered.  Even service at the ports was better than any of the other ships around us.  Yes, Celebrity is a bit pricier than some of the other ships, but it was well worth the extra money (and comparatively, it was nickle and dimes we are talking about).  The ports to me at this point are unimportant.  The Caribbean is the Caribbean - beautiful waters and a place for the "pretty lady" to get her hair braided (at a meager cost of $100).  I remember the days when I could get my hair braided for $10.

Celebrity has made me a believer again.  I wish the other cruiselines would go back to the days when service meant something.