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by Geno
Eastern Caribbean
February 1, 2004

We sailed on the "Millennium" on Feb. 1st, 2004, and had a great cruise. The food and service were excellant, and the cabin steward was also very good. The one flaw in the ointment, so to speak, was the loss of ambiance in the main dining room for the evening meal (late seating). We saw many incidents on people wearing ble jeans, shorts, and sleeveless tee-shirts into dinner, and nothing being said by the maitre-de they walked casually past.

When we inquired about this, the answer given was "We are not fashion police." Several of the ships officers were asked also, and the response was simular. So, for all practical purposes, the dress code on the "Millennium" is nonexistant, which should make several cruisers very happy. No need to bring a tux or a suit, no need for dockers or slacks, no need to pack ties. It's just like eating at McDonalds! Same ambiance! Blue jeans were the "uniform of the day" on the "Millennium" for this cruise; we saw them everywhere. This was our 9th cruise, and had never seen this before on other Celebrity ships until now. Is this a new Celebrity policy?