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by Bobbie Walters
Eastern Caribbean
February 23, 2003

I am in my late 40's. I exercise 2 hours a day. My husband and I are in good shape. My husband and I are basically retired. We take approximately 6 vacations a year, most of which are cruises. Millennium Escape Cruise Adults only sounded good. We took the 02/23/03 cruise. This was our first Celebrity cruise. Some of our friends and neighbors wanted us to keep notes for them concerning if it was really different and worth it. We paid special attention to the special events and benefits.

Special Events and Benefits only on Celebrity Escape Cruises:

. Extended hours for the pool and AquaSpa - 11 pm every night; people were run out of the aquaSpa at 9:00 pm. . Late-night comedy acts, including an adult-themed show; I have seen shows at family resorts that were more adult themed. . Fashion shows held poolside; Same as on some family cruises. . Onboard musicians and magicians throughout the day; Same as on some family cruises. . Dance instruction featuring salsa, merengue, and ballroom dancing, plus special theme nights in the disco; Same as on some family cruises. . Poolside deck parties with our Caribbean band; Same as on some family cruises. . Private European-style sunbathing deck; The Millennium topless deck was approximately 1/3 the size of the Carnival Fancination's topless deck that was docked next to the Millennium at Nassau, Bahamas. I like to sunbath where I do not have to worry about exposing myself when I turn over or the wind blowing my top aside. Very few women used the topless deck. 5 of the 7 days I used the deck, 2 or 3 male crew members had to walk past. I felt like an exhibitionist. I use topless decks and beaches every chance I get, and have never felt this way before from the staff.

The only real difference I found was no children. Some of the cruise members did not know it was an Escape Cruise.

My credit card was charged twice for the same shore excursion. I caught their error and they corrected it before we left the ship. After I returned home, I found other chargers were later added to my credit card. It took time and repeated calls to get those taken off. I recommend everyone check their credit cards during and after Celebrity cruises.

I have called repeatedly, but still have not received my free Celebrity T-shirt.

People on cruises should not have to worry about repeated "accidental" charges by the cruise line while trying to relax on a vacation. How many times does it take before it is considered non-accidental?

In 2 days we leave for another cruise. It is sure not on the Celebrity cruise line.