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by Helen
Eastern Caribbean
November 25, 2001

Still rockin and rollin from this cruise on The Millennium. What a rocky road to the caribbean this was!!!! But, this trip was bouncy and now I am wondering if the problem with the stabilizers on this ship was ever corrected????? Everybody rolled everywhere. I saw some injuries as a result of this rocky ride as well. If anybody has the answer I would love to hear from you......it was really awful. People were buying Bonine and wrist bands and even I got a little queezy from this trip.

The food in the Metropolitan Restaurant was not as good as I had anticipated from Celebrity. The restaurant on the Mercury far surpassed this ship in quality. The staff in this restaurant left a lot to be desired. Guess we were really treated so well on the Mercury that we expected the same on this ship.

Great disappointment we felt. Anybody out there who feels the same????????? Ship too big but grateful that I lost the 8 pounds from ALL the walking. This is the most positive thing I can say about this cruise.