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Patrick E. Robinson
May 11, 2010

I wish to elaborate on the 5-11-07 review.This was our first Celebrity ship.Vancouver is a lovely looking city,but we will not return due to the rude people we incountered there.The first problem was the port in Vancouver had been chossen to perform extra security screening,it took several hours for all to board Mercury.The rooms were still not ready so we spent a couple more hours waiting to enter our stateroom.All our bags were not brought to us untill late into the night.My son 11yrs old at the time,came with my wife Susana and myself.We ate in the main dinning area in the clothes we were wearing upon boarded .They are futunate nothing was said or I would have blown my top right there.

The food on this cruise was very dissappointing.This was the first cruise I had ever sent back a medium steak that was as tough as a boot.The dishes were uninteresting and even cold at times.Our head waiter we did not meet untill the fourth night,never seen that before. It was explained as to a group of dinners that were running all the staff ragged(around fifty people in that group).This group was rude and smelled bad even. The entertainment on this ship was even worse than the food.It was campy and the performers were the worst we had ever seen on any ship - even Carnival ships were better.

We walked out of every show we went to.The only good part of the presentations was the naturalist Brent Dixon.By the third talk he had the theater packed.He was the best part of this entire cruise. The ports of call were Juneau,Ketchikan and Skagway.In Skagway we took a sub ride,it was really bad,do not waste your money.The canoe ride in Ketchikan was pretty good but book it on shore it was a half the rate as onboard Mercury. Sadly we saw no whales at all(upclose) and few passengers did.I did see an Orca breech three times but it was from miles away.Saw a pod of 40 porpoises in front of the ship one time.To see more wildlife go in July and August.Atlast the cruise was over,but the problems were not.The debarkation was as bad as the embarkation...badly organized and the baggage handlers were really awful.

They had all the different color tagged bags in all different order in different rooms so it took hours to find all your bags.This lead hundreds passengers to miss their flights out of Vancouver. We had a late flight or we would have missed our flight also. We will never take another trip to Vancouver and certainly never take another cruise out of this port.What a disaster!There are 71 different nationalities in Vancouver and a couple were the worst groups of passengers I have ever witnessed onboard any of the 12 cruises we have sailed.Sad but very true!!!